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    Saturday, December 13, 1997

    Overland sets new Canadian standard

     HAMAR, Norway (CP) -- Claudia Pechstein of Germany broke the world record in the women's 3,000 metres Saturday while Cindy Overland of Kitchener, Ont., set the Canadian mark in World Cup long track speed skating.
     Pechstein clocked four minutes 7.13 seconds to eclipse the previous standard of 4:07.80 set by her teammate Gunda Niemann last weekend at a World Cup in the Netherlands.
     Niemann did not compete Saturday due to a knee injury. Tonny de Jong of the Netherlands was second at 4:10.90 and her teammate Carla Zijlstra was third at 4:11.92.
     In second seed racing, Overland, 21, obliterated her Canadian record of 4:21.39 set last weekend by clocking 4:19.17. Ingrid Liepa of Ottawa was sixth in 4:19.94.
     "I crossed the finish line knowing it can be better," said Overland. "There's so much left and I hope it'll come out a big event like the Olympics. But right now my legs don't feel 100 per cent because we've been on the road for a month. I know when I'm more rested I can skate faster."
     In the men's 1,500, Aadne Soendraal of Norway won his first race this season in 1:49.52. Jeroen Straathof of the Netherlands was second in 1:50.68 and Hiroyuki Noake of Japan was third at 1:51.17.
     Neal Marshall of Coquitlam, B.C., second in the 1,500 World Cup standings the past two seasons, was 10th in 1:51.94 and Jason Parker of Yorkton, Sask., followed in 11th 1:52.34.
     In second seed racing, Mark Knoll of Regina posted a personal best time of 1:52.20 for second place and Kevin Marshall of Coquitlam was sixth. Competition ends Sunday with the men's 5,000 and women's 1,500.
     World Cup Speedskating Results
     HAMAR, Norway (AP) -- Results Saturday from the Speedskating World Cup meet (all race distances in meters):
     1. Aadne Soendraal, Norway, 1 minute, 49.52 seconds.
     2. Jeroen Straathof, Netherlands 1.50:68.
     3. Hiroyuki Noake, Japan, 1:50.71.
     4. Rintje Ritsma, Netherlands, 1:50.80
     5. Toru Aoyanagi, Japan, 1:51.17.
     6. KC Boutiette, United States, 1:51.30.
     7. Yusuke Imai, Japan, 1:51.67.
     8. Peter Adeberg, Germany, 1:51.75.
     9. Jan Nijboer, Netherlands 1:51.80.
     10. Neil Marshall, Canada, 1:51.94.
     11. Jason Parker, Canada, 1:52.31
     World Cup Standings
     1. Rintje Ritsma, Netherlands, 120 points.
     2. Hiroyuki Noake, Japan, 110.
     3. Aadne Soendraal, Norway, 105.
     4. Ids Potsma, Netherlands, 95.
     1. Claudia Pechstein, Germany, 4 minutes, 7.13 seconds, world record; previous record, 4:08.06, Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann, Germany, Dec. 1997.
     2. Tonny de Jong, Netherlands 4:10.90.
     3. Carla Zijlstra, Netherland, 4:11.92.
     4. Svetlana Bazjanova, Russia 4:12.87.
     5. Heike Warnicke, Germany, 4:12.92.
     6. Kirstin Holum, United States, 4:13.05.
     7. Elena Belci, Italy, 4:13.13.
     8. Emese Hunyady, Austria, 4:14.38.
     9. Maki Tabata, Japan, 4:14.79.
     10. Ulrike Adeberg, Germany, 4:15.12.
     Word Cup Standings
     1. Claudia Pechstein, Germany, 100 points.
     2. Carla Zijlstra, Netherlands, 100.
     3. Tonny de Jong, Netherlands, 99.
     4. Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann, Germany 95.
     (tie) Svetlana Bazjanova, Russia, 95.