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    Saturday, December 27, 1997

    Another world record for Catriona Le May Doan

     CALGARY (CP) -- Speed skater Catriona Le May Doan smashed her 500-metres world record Saturday, and predicted she'd go faster.
     The Saskatoon skater was timed in 37.71 seconds on the opening day of the Canadian Olympic trials. She'd been timed in a record 37.90 seconds at a World Cup meet on the same ice Nov. 22.
     "I just went out and had a nice calm race," said Le May Doan, who also set the world record for 1,500 metres earlier this month. "Staying relaxed has been the biggest key in my success this year.
     "I still made a couple of mistakes but it was, overall, a solid race. I feel though that I can still go faster."
     Olympic silver medallist Susan Auch of Winnipeg was second in 38.46 seconds and Linda Johnson Blair of Fort St. John, B.C., was third in 39.23 seconds.
     The top three when times are ranked after a second race today will qualify for the Olympics. A fourth skater will be chosen at the second part of the trials Jan. 4-7.
     In the men's 500, Jeremy Wotherspoon of Red Deer, Alta., is first in the two-race series after a 35.84-second sprint. Kevin Overland of Kitchener, Ont., is second at 35.91 and Michael Ireland of Winnipeg is third at 36.22. In reskates held for the Olympic trial standings only, Patrick Bouchard of Cap-Rouge Que., posted the fastest time of the day, 35.70, to stand first in the trial standings.
     In the men's 5,000, Mark Knoll of Regina won the gold medal in 6:44.84 to grab the sole Canadian spot available in the event for the Olympics.
     Dan Malicki of Calgary was second in 6:48.01 and Jamie Ivey of Ottawa was third in 6:50.44.
     In the women's 3,000, Nicole Slot of Calgary was first in 4:25.02, Kristina Groves of Ottawa second in 4:27.28 and Valerie Lemieux of Quebec third in 4:33.21. Cindy Overland of Kitchener, Ont., Susan Massitti of Vermillion, Alta., and Ingrid Liepa of Ottawa have already qualified for the three Olympic spots in the women's 3,000 based on World Cup performances.
     CALGARY (CP) -- Results Saturday at the Canadian single distance championships long track speed skating competition (all distances in metres):
     500 (first of two races): 1. Jeremy Wotherspoon, Red Deer, Alta., 35.84 seconds; 2. Kevin Overland, Kitchener, Ont., 35.91; 3. Michael Ireland, Winnipeg, 36.22; 4. Eric Brisson, Ste-Foy, Que., 36.67; 5. Scott Van Horne, Winnipeg, 37.53; 6. Olivier Larocque, Montreal, 37.63; 7. Wayne Kainu, Calgary, 37.70; 8. Sterling Sobczak, Winnipeg, 37.71; 9. Jamie Ivey, Ottawa, 37.75; 10. Todd Lachance, Calgary, 38.05.
     500 Olympic trial standings (first of two races): 1. Patrick Bouchard, Cap-Rouge Que., 35.70 seconds; 2. Wotherspoon, 35.84; 3. Overland, 35.91; 4. Ireland, 36.22; 5. Sylvain Bouchard, Loretteville, Que., 36.26; 6. Brisson, 36.67; 7. Kevin Scott, Sault Ste Marie, Ont., 36.80; 8. Van Horne, 37.53; 9. Larocque, 37.63; 10. Kainu, 37.70.
     5,000 (winner qualifies for Olympics): 1. Mark Knoll, Regina, six minutes 44.84 seconds (Canadian record); 2. Dustin Molicki Calgary, 6:48.01; 3. Jamie Ivey, Ottawa, 6:50.44; 4. Kevin Marshall, Coquitlam, B.C., 6:51.71; 5. Steven Elm, Calgary, 6:52.94; 6. Dominique Gravel, Ste-Foy, Que., 6:54.50; 7. Lester Pardoe, Calgary, 6:59.36; 8. Arcton Lancaster, Edmonton, 7:00.25; 9. Jamie Spence, Ottawa, 7:02.88; 10. Daniel Belanger, Quebec, 7:11.60.
     500 (first of two races): 1.Catriona Le May Doan, Saskatoon, 37.71 seconds (world record); 2. Susan Auch Winnipeg, 38.46; 3. Linda Johnson Blair, Fort St. John, B.C., 39.23; 4. Michelle Morton, Calgary, 39.54; 5. Sylvie Cantin, Ste-Foy, Que., 39.96; 6. Leah Nattrass, Regina, 40.41; 7. Isabelle Doucet, Quebec, 40.58; 8. Cindy Overland, Kitchener, 41:08; 9. Susan Massitti, Vermillion, Alta., 41.08; 10. (tie) Isabelle Crawford, Quebec and Ingrid Liepa, Ottawa, 41.35.
     3,000: 1. Nicole Slot, Calgary, four minutes 25.02 seconds; 2. Kristina Groves, Ottawa, 4:27.28; 3. Valerie Lemieux, Montreal, 4:33.21; 4. Selina Elm, Calgary, 4:38.95; 5. Tara Risling, Calgary, 4:39.47.