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    Monday, November 17, 1997

    Three gold, two silver for Canucks

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     ROSEVILLE, Minnesota--Susan Auch of Winnipeg, Catriona Le May Doan of Saskatoon and Jeremy Wotherspoon of Red Deer, Alta., each won a gold medal Sunday to complete an incredible Canadian performance at the World Cup long track speed skating season opener this weekend.
     Auch and Le May Doan were 1-2 in the women's 500 metres, Le May Doan won the 1,000 and Wotherspoon was first in the 500 and second in the 1,000. On Saturday Le May Doan took the 500, Wotherspoon won the 1,000 and Mike Ireland of Winnipeg was second in the 500. The eight medals is the best ever Canadian performance at a World Cup event.
     In Sunday's women's 500, Auch, the Olympic silver medallist, took the gold in a track record 39.86 seconds for her first World Cup victory since beating five-time Olympic champion Bonnie Blair of the U.S. in March 1995.
     Le May Doan, a medallist at the past two world championships, was second in 39.90 and defending World Cup and world sprint champion Franziska Schenk of Germany was third in 39.98. Michelle Morton of Calgary posted a career best fifth in 40.74.
     "I'm not surprised to win... but finally," said Auch, 31, who underwent knee surgery two summers ago and says she's now fully recovered. "I've trained really well this summer but my skating didn't have any snap to it until today. I'm feeling tired but I finally seem to have some aggression in me. I usually need to race under stress to do well so it's reassuring to win this early in the season."
     In the women's 1,000 Le May Doan registered her first World Cup victory in the event clocking 1:20.99. Sabine Volker of Germany was second at 1:22.61 and her teammate Anke Loef-Baier third at 1:22.68. Auch was 12th.
     "This weekend has been exhausting," said Le May Doan, 26. "I couldn't believe my margin of victory today. I've finally figured out how to skate the 1,000 metres. I'm using my push, I can just settle in and think about things. It's basically just a mindset."
     In the men's 500, Wotherspoon continued his torrid early-season pace winning in 36.87 for his second track record this weekend. Yasunori Miyabe of Japan was second at 36.99 and Grunde Njos of Norway third in 37.06.
     In the men's 1,000, Jakko Jan Leeuwangh of the Netherlands claimed the gold in 1:13.80, Wotherspoon was second in 1:13.88 and Jan Bos of the Netherlands third in 1:13.98.
     "I was nervous going in this weekend," said Wotherspoon, 21, who posted 14 top-10 finishes in his World Cup rookie campaign last winter. "I wasn't sure how well I'd do. This helps build a lot of confidence. It confirms any doubts whether I could do well this weekend. I'm a little surprised it's this strong. I didn't' think I'd win the 500, it's not my bets event. Everything is pretty solid. I managed to relax and think about skating and not placings."
     Sylvain Bouchard of Loretteville, Que., was sixth in 1:14.98 and Kevin Overland of Kitchener, Ont., 10th in 1:15.61.
     The World Cup season continues for the sprinters, next weekend at the Olympic Oval in Calgary. Because the speed skaters are now using the Klap skates it is anticipated some world records could fall in Calgary.
     "We should be even stronger in Calgary," said Wotherspoon.

     ROSEVILLE, Minn. (AP) -- World Cup speedskating results Sunday (all distances in meters):
     1. Jeremey Wotherspoon, Canada, 36.87 seconds. 2. Yasunori Niyabe, Japan, 36.99. 3. Grunde Njos, Norway, 37.06. 4. Jan Bos, Netherlands, 37.14. 5. Toshiyuri Kuroiwa, Japan, 37.22. 6. (tie) Manabu Horri, Japan, 37.27, Casey FitzRandolph, Verona, Wis., 37.27. 8. Lee Kyu-Hyuk, South Korea, 37.28. 9. Erben Wennemars, Netherlands, 37.32. 10. Kazuya Nishioka, Japan, 37.34.
     16. Mark Pelchat, Chelmsford, Mass., 37.58. 27. Cory Carpenter, Brookfield, Wis., 38.29. 28. K.C. Boutiette, Tacoma, Wash., 38.36. 34. David Cruikshank, Northbrook, Ill., 38.68.
     1. Jakko Jan Leeuwangh, Netherlands, one minute 13.80 seconds. 2. Jeremy Wotherspoon, Canada, 1:13.88. 3. Jan Bos, Netherlands, 1:13.98. 4. Erben Wennemars, Netherlands, 1:14.65. 5. Lee Kyu-Hyuk, South Korea, 1:14.68. 6. Sylvain Bouchard, Canada, 1:14.98. 7. Minetaka Sasabuchi, Japan, 1:15.20. 8. Manabu Horii, Japan, 1:15.38. 9. Casey FitzRandolph, Verona, Wis., 1:15.46. 10. Kevin Overland, Canada, 1:15.61.
     11. Cory Carpenter, Brookfield, Wis., 1:15.62. 19. K.C. Boutiette, Tacoma, Wash., 1:16.17. 28. Tim Hoffman, Waukesha, Wis., 1:17.56. 34. David Cruikshank, Northbrook, Ill., 1:18.45.
     1. Susan Auch, Canada, 39.86 seconds. 2. Catriona LeMay-Doan, Canada, 39.90. 3. Franziska Schenk, Germany, 39.98. 4. Sabine Volker, Germany, 40.26. 5. Michelle Morton, Canada, 40.74. 6. Svetlana Zhurova, Russia 40.80. 7. Chris Witty, West Allis, Wis., 40.86. 8. Titiana Danshina, Russia, 40.97. 9. Tomomi Okazaki, Japan, 40.98. 10. Edel Therese Hoiseth, Norway, 41.03.
     12. Becky Sundstrom, Glen Ellyn, Ill., 41.10. 22. Moira D' Andrea, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., 41.66. 32. Kim Strzykalski, East Troy, Wis., 42.59. 36. Tama Sundstrom, Glen Ellyn, Ill., 43.17.
     1. Catriona LeMay-Doan, Canada, one minute 20.99 seconds. 2. Sabine Volker, Germany, 1:22.61. 3. Anke Loef-Baier, Germany, 1:22.68. 4. Chris Witty, West Allis, Wis., 1:22.69. 5. Shiho Kusunose, Japan, 1:22.88. 6. Eriko Sanmiya, Japan, 1:23.17. 7. Aki Tonoike, Japan, 1:23.17. 8. Tomomi Shimizu, Japan, 1:23.34. 9. Monique Garbrecht, Germany, 1:23.41. 10. Natalia Polozkova, Russia, 1:23.47. Americans
     14. Moira D'Andrea, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., 1:23.91. 15. Becky Sundstrom, Glen Ellyn, Ill., 1:23.98. 33. Tama Sundstrom, Glen Ellyn, Ill., 1:28.35. Kim Strzykalski, East Troy, Wis., DNS.