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    Sunday, November 30, 1997

    Romme, Pechstein win in fast times at World Cup speedskating

     BERLIN (AP) -- Gianni Romme of the Netherlands came close to breaking the world record in winning the men's 5,000 meters at the season's first speedskating World Cup event Sunday.
     Romme was timed in 6 minutes, 35.71 seconds, as skaters continued to produce fast times at the Hohenschoenhausen ice rink. The world mark is 6:34.96, set by Johann Olav Koss of Norway during the 1994 Winter Olympics.
     Remi Hereide of Norway was second at 6:37.10 and Bob De Jong of the Netherlands third at 6:38.15.
     Claudia Pechstein also came close to a world record in winning the women's 3,000 as Germans swept the top three places.
     Pechstein was timed at 4:10.80, only 1.48 seconds over the record set by compatriot Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann in 1994.
     "I never thought I could skate that fast," Pechstein said.
     Niemann-Stirnemann, two-time gold medalist at the 1992 Olympics, finished second Sunday at 4:12.24. Heike Warnicke was third at 4:13.95.
     Kirstin Holum of the United States placed sixth at 4:18.24.
     BERLIN (AP) -- Results Sunday from the Speedskating World Cup event held at the Hohenschoenhausen ice rink:
     5,000 metres
     1. Gianni Romme, Netherlands, six minutes, 35.71 seconds; 2. Remi Hereide, Norway, 6:37.10; 3. Bob De Jong, Netherlands, 6:38.15; 4. Kjell Storelid, Norway, 6:39.73; 5. Rintje Ritsma, Netherlands, 6:41.48; 6. Alexander Baumgaertel, Germany, 6:41.50; 7. Ren Taubenrauch, Germany, 6:42.42;
     8. Frank Dittrich, Germany, 6:43.38; 9. Roberto Sighel, Italy, 6:43.58; 10. Bart Veldkamp, Belgium, 6:43.96; 21. Dave Tamburrino, U.S., 6:53.05; 27. Neal Marshall, Coquitlam, B.C., 6:58.51; 33. Kevin Marshall, Coquitlam, B.C., 7:04.43; 35. Steven Elm, Calgary, 7:05.29.
     3,000 metres
     1. Claudia Pechstein, Germany, four minutes, 10.80 seconds; 2. Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann, Germany, 4:12.24; 3. Heike Warnicke, Germany, 4:13.95; 4. Elena Belci, Italy, 4:15.71; 5. Carla Zijlstra, Netherlands, 4:17.99; 6. Kirstin Holum, U.S., 4:18.24; 7. Svetlana Bazhanova, Russia, 4;18.44;
     8. Tatyana Trapeznikova, Russia, 4:18.88; 9. Anni Friesinger, Germany, 4;19.02; 10. Mie Uehara, Japan, 4:19.52; 21. Cindy Overland, Kitchener, Ont., 4:24.69; 23. Ingrid Liepa, Ottawa, 4:26.48; 26. Susan Massitti, Vermillion, Alta., 4;27.66.