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March 18, 2016

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    Olympians welcomed back

    By SCOTT SUTHERLAND -- Canadian Press
     RICHMOND, B.C. -- Canada's hockey heartbreak subsided for a moment Monday as Canada's homecoming Olympians were reminded of their record medal haul at the Nagano Games.
     "This team has some remarkable statistics to be shared with the people who have come out to welcome them today," said Bill Warren, president of the Canadian Olympics Association.
     Warren was speaking to more than 200 athletes, supporters and members of the public gathered at Vancouver's airport for a last Olympic moment following the Nagano Games which ended Sunday after two weeks of competition.
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    Olympic champions get warm welcome

     MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia's Olympic champions got more than a warm welcome when they returned home this week. They also got a big tax bill.
     For the first time, Russian athletes aren't exempt from paying taxes on all their Olympic earnings.
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    CBC won't fire Cherry for remarks

     OTTAWA (CP) -- The CBC says it has no intention of firing Don Cherry for comments the Bloc Quebecois says deserve a gross misconduct penalty.
     Bloc MP Michel Gauthier says the bombastic sports commentator should be fired from the CBC for his comments about freestyle skier Jean-Luc Brassard and separatists generally.
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    Memorable moments

    By CHRIS STEVENSON -- Ottawa Sun
      NAGANO -- The XVIII Olympic Winter Games are many things to many people, a series of snapshots and moments which capture the nature of competition and the unrelenting resolve of the human spirit.
     Or somebody falling on their head and crashing through a fence, doing a face plant and getting up and walking away.
     The 1998 XVIII Winter Games will be remembered for many things.
     Here are 98 of them...
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