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    Saturday, January 3, 1998

    Lodwick wins nordic combined

     SCHONACH, Germany (AP) -- Todd Lodwick won his second career World Cup Nordic combined event Saturday and teammate Tim Tetreault finished seventh to clinch a spot in next month's Winter Olympics.
     Lodwick, whose previous World Cup victory came in 1995 in his hometown of Steamboat Springs, Colo., improved from seventh after the jumping portion of the competition to beat Sylvain Guillaume of France by 1.7 seconds and Milan Kucera of the Czech Republic by 3.5.
     Under the Gundersen scoring system, which translates jumping points into times, Lodwick started the 30-kilometer cross-country wrapup of the event 99 seconds behind jump leader Sepp Buchner of Germany. Buchner wound up 16th, one of many who struggled with the hilly course and rainy weather.
     "My jumping is starting to get more consistent," said Lodwick, who was seventh on the 90-meter jump hill. "I'm not going to complain after being here only one day. If I jump in the top 10, I'm happy.
     "I'm relying more on my cross-country skiing. A person who wins can be 30th the next week. The best on the circuit is consistent and I'm getting that way this season. It builds your confidencce heading into a big competition."
     The team was late arriving for the competition after participating in the U.S. Ski Team Olympic trials at Lake Placid, N.Y. Lodwick won that event by a half-second over Tetreault, also of Steamboat Springs.
     "We missed a World Cup because of it (the trials) and it's always going to hurt if you don't have sleep," Lodwick said, "although winning today kind of contradicts that."
     The Americans missed out on training, and coach Tom Steitz said his racers had their heads on the table during breakfast because of jet lag.
     "And then Tim Tetreault jumps 92 meters on his first jump," Steitz said with surprise. "I've never seen Tim jump better."
     Tetreault said he has had confidence in his jumping since the second event of the season, three weeks ago at Steamboat Springs.
     "After I jumped to sixth, I told myself I'm definitely top 10," Tetreault said. "But I was nervous before the race because these are the worst conditions for me --soft, deep, wet snow.
     "I was awake for five hours last night because of jet leg, listening to the wind and the rain. I never figured they'd get this off."
     Tetreault was 18th in cross-country to place seventh, 74 seconds behind Lodwick. Dave Jarrett, also of Steamboat Springs, showed the effects of travel by placing 41st overall.
     Lodwick moved up to fifth place in the overall World Cup standings, while Norway's Bjarte-Engen Vik and Finland's Hannu Manninen retained the top two places.
     France's Ludovic Roux finished fourth Saturday, followed by Manninen, Vik and Tetreault.
     Manninen and Vik, the dominant figures in the sport this season, were 17th and 26th after the jumps. Vik was third-fastest in the cross-country phase and Manninen was seventh.
     Buchner, a 23-year-old soldier just called up to Germany's World Cup team, was the surprise leader after the morning ski jumping with leaps of 91.5 and 90.5 meters. But he faded in the race, placing only 34th.
     Steitz said the American performance reinforced a tactic his staff had decided upon for the Olympics at Nagano, Japan.
     "Our plan has been to go in late and shorten the number of training jumps compared to other countries," Steitz said. "This just hammers that home."


     World Cup Nordic Combined Results
     SCHONACH, Germany (AP) -- Top finishers Saturday at a Nordic combined World Cup event with ski jumping and 15-kilometer cross-country race rankings in parantheses:
     1. Todd Lodwick, Steamboat Springs, Colo. (7, 8), 49 minutes, 03.8 seconds.
     2. Sylvain Guillaume, France (9, 6), 1.7 seconds behind.
     3. Milan Kucera, Czech Repubic (5, 9) 3.5.
     4. Ludovic Roux, France, (4, 21) 43.9.
     5. Hannu Manninen, Finland (17, 7) 53.7.
     6. Bjarte Engen Vik, Norway (26, 3) 58.8.
     7. Tim Tetreault, Norwich, Vt. (6, 18) 1:14.0.
     8. Matthias Looss, Germany, (8, 14), 1:21.4.
     9. Mario Stecher, Austria (3, 25), 1:36.2.
     10. Fabrice Guy, France (24, 10) 1:43.0.
     41. Dave Jarret, Steamboat Springs, Colo. (39, 35) 10.09.9.
     World Cup Standings
     (After six events)
     1. Vik, 676 points.
     2. Manninen, 622.
     3. Stecher, 569.
     4. Samppa Lajunen, Finland, 460.
     5. Lodwick, 409.
     6. Jari Manilla, Finland, 346.
     7. Felix Gottwald, Austria, 305.
     8. Ronny Ackermann, Germany, 303.
     23. Tetreault, 165.
     42. Jarrett, 92.