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    Sunday, November 30, 1997

    Norwegian captures Nordic combined

     ROVANIEMI, Finland (AP) -- Norway's Bjarte Engen Vik withstood 10-degree cold Sunday to win the second Nordic combined World Cup meet of the season by more than a minute.
     Todd Lodwick of Steamboat Springs, Colo., bidding for a spot in his second Olympics, finished seventh. Dave Jarrett, also from Steamboat, enjoyed his best result in two years -- 17th.
     Vik, second in the 90-meter jumping Saturday, overtook jump leader Mario Stecher of Austria and won the 15-kilometer ski race by 1 minute, 22.1 seconds.
     Stecher was second with Finland's Hannu Manninen third. Stecher and Manninen are tied for the World Cup points lead.
     Lodwick was fourth in the jumping. His seventh, along with finihing seventh Friday in the opening event of the season, qualified him for the Nagano Games in February.
     "My preseason training wasn't great but summer is summer and winter is winter, and I usually pick it up in winter," Lodwick said. "I had some jitters coming in here but two top 10s are fine.
     "I'm glad to forget about making the Olympic team now and just concentrate on skiing well. I want to do well in Nagano," said Lodwick, who was 13th as a 17-year-old at the 1994 Lillehammer Games.
     The Nordic combined schedule takes a break next weekend before resuming in Steamboat Springs with the annual Sprint Ski Town USA World Cup. Lodwick won the event in December 1995.
     "It'll be good to get home, to compete at home ... and have some pumpkin pie," he said. "We missed Thanksgiving, being over here, but my mom's cooking a turkey and pumpkin pie after we get back Monday night."
     ROVANIEMI, Finland (AP) -- Final results Sunday in the Nordic combined World Cup event:
     Final Results
     (after 15K cross country skiing)
     1. Bjarte Engen Vik, Norway; 2. Mario Stecher, Austria, one minute, 22.1 seconds behind; 3. Hannu Manninen, Finland, 1:31.1; 4. Ronny Ackermann, Germany, 1:38.5; 5. Gard Myhre, Norway, 2:19.9; 6. Christoph Eugen, Austria, 2:20.4; 7. Todd Lodwick, U.S., 3:02.5; 8. Felix Gottwald, Austria, 3:29.7; 9. Samppa Lajunen, Finland, 3:39.0; 10. Jens Deimel, Germany, 3:40.7;
     11. Andrea Longo, Italy, 4:28.3; 12. Jari Mantila, Finland, 4:30.2; 13. Kristian Hammer, Norway, 4:48.0; 14. Ladislav Rygl, Czech Republic, 4:48:7; 15. Alexei Fadeyev, Russia, 4:57.3; 16. Robert Stadelman, Austria, 5:06.2; 17. Dave Jarrett, U.S., 5:10.5; 18. Kenji Ogiwara Japan, 5:22.6; 19. Halldor Skard Jr., Norway, 5:27.2; 20. Ludovic Roux France, 5:32.5.
     Cross country, 15K, fastest skiers
     1. Trond Einar Elden, Norway, 37 minutes, 54.0 seconds; 2. Gard Myhre, Norway, 38:40.4; 3. Felix Gottwald, Austria, 38:44.2; 4. Knut Tore Apeland, Norway, 38:47.5; 5. Hannu Manninen, Finland, 38:54.6; 6. Jacob Gunnes, Norway, 39:03.5; 7. Ronny Ackermann, Germany, 39:11.0; 8. Ladislav Rygl, Czech Republic, 39:12.2; 9. Christoph Eugen, Austria, 39:13.9; 10. Kristian Hammer, Norway, 39:23.5.
     World Cup standings
     (after two events)
     1 (tie). Mario Stecher, Austria, 235 points, and Hannu Manninen, Finland, 235; 3. Bjarte Engen Vik, Norway, 225; 4. Samppa Lajunen, Finland, 195; 5. Ronny Ackermann, Germany, 170; 6. Gard Myhre, Norway, 145; 7. Jari Mantila, Finland, 137; 8. Todd Lodwick, U.S., 130; 9. Christoph Eugen, Austria, 121; 10. Felix Gottwald, Austria, 110; 11. Halldor Skard Jr., Norway, 82; 12. Jens Deimel, Germany, 73; 13. Kenji Ogiwara, Japan, 70; 14 (tie). Kristian Hammer, Norway, 64, and Andrea Longo, Italy, 64.