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March 18, 2016

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    Rebagliati stands by statements

     TORONTO (CP) -- Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati says he is looking to put his Olympic controversy behind him, to regain the 20 pounds he has lost since testing positive for marijuana in Nagano and -- most of all -- get back on his board.
     The 26-year-old from Whistler, B.C., also reiterated he has not smoked marijuana since April 1997, adding he was hurt and confused by accusations by a top International Olympic Committee official that he was lying over his marijuana use.
     "There's nothing I want to do more than start getting back to my training, get some sleep and get back to a competitive level of competition," Rebagliati said in a telephone interview in Toronto.
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    SNL satirizes hip snowboarder

     NEW YORK (CP) -- Live from New York, it's Saturday Night -- and Ross Rebagliati.
     NBC's Saturday Night Live couldn't resist a skit about the Canadian Olympic snowboarder who won a gold medal, tested positive for marijuana, lost his medal and then won it back after an appeals panel overturned his disqualification.
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    Neighbors, family greet returning Moseley

     TIBURON, Calif. (AP) -- Friends and family members swarmed outside Jonny Moseley's home Sunday to greet the Olympic moguls champion on his return from Japan.
     Roughly 200 people held up banners and shouted accolades as the 22-year-old skier leaped from a limousine that escorted him home. Tiburon Mayor Harry Matthews presented him with a key to the San Francisco Bay area city.
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    In Whistler being stoned is no big deal

     WHISTLER, British Columbia (AP) -- If you believe the waitress at Citta's bar, the real trouble is just beginning.
     "Can you imagine how many narcs are going to be in town now?" she groused to no one in particular.
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