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    Sunday, February 15, 1998

    SNL satirizes hip snowboarder

     NEW YORK (CP) -- Live from New York, it's Saturday Night -- and Ross Rebagliati.
     NBC's Saturday Night Live couldn't resist a skit about the Canadian Olympic snowboarder who won a gold medal, tested positive for marijuana, lost his medal and then won it back after an appeals panel overturned his disqualification.
     Cast member Jim Breuer, who just starred in a movie drug comedy called Half-Baked, played the hip snowboarder -- complete with rad clothes, dyed hair and a chemical-induced giggle -- in an interview with CBS commentator Jim Nantz, played by Will Ferrell.
     He denied using marijuana: "Oh yeah, big time. Yeah sure man. Here's the thing. Right on, man. Let's just say hypothetically that while during my snowboard run I was lit.
     "The fact is they should give me a medal just for showing up on time, man. You know what I was saying. Dude, they wanted me up at 5:30 in the morning. I don't get to bed 'til like 4:30 a.m., man."
     During the skit, Rebagliati is visited by another cast member playing the role of a Jamaican bobsledder.
     "They took away your gold medal?" he asks.
     "Yo man, didn't you hear," Rebagliati replies. "They gave it back to me, but I lost it."
     The interview was supposed to take place in the Olympic Village at Nagano, Japan, with Rebagliati's room decorated with a Canadian team bag, snowboard and a Bob Marley poster.
     "Here's the deal, they're still putting me up for two weeks," Rebagliati said. "How cool is that?"
     The Nantz character then suggested they watch a tape of the Canadian's gold medal run.
     "Wow, now who's this guy, man?" Rebagliatia asks.
     "Ross, that's you," the interviewer replies.
     The Rebagliati character says he was like any other Olympic competitor: "Eating Doritos, listening to (rock band) Smashmouth."
     Asked if the controversy has embarrassed and disgraced his country, Rebagliati responds: "Come on bro', I'm from Canada."
     The real Rebagliati, a 26-year-old from Whistler, B.C., is still in Nagano, where he was cheering on Canadian figure skater Elvis Stojko on Saturday.