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    Friday, December 12, 1997

    Canadian wins World Cup snowboard event

     WHISTLER, B.C. (CP) -- Mark Fawcett of Saint John, N.B., won his first World Cup snowboard race this year, capturing a super giant slalom event on Thursday.
     The 25-year-old was timed in one minute 2.15 seconds.
     Nicholas Conte of France finished second in 1:02.55. He was awarded the yellow bib signifying his position as the current World Cup points leader.
     Jasey-Jay Anderson of Val-Morin, Que., was third in 1:02.66.
     Whistler's Ross Rebagliatti, who finished third in last year's World Cup snowboard standings, was disqualified after missing a gate.
     In the women's race, Americans Sondra Van Ert and Betsy Shaw finished one-two. Van Ert was timed in 1:07.36, Shaw in 1:09.34.
     Karine Ruby of France, the current World Cup points leader, was third in 1:09.85.
     The men and woman have giant slalom races today.
     WHISTLER, B.C. (CP) -- World Cup super-giant slalom snowboard results Thursday:
     1. Mark Fawcett, Saint John, N.B., One minute 2.15 seconds; 2. Nicola Conte, France, 1:02:55; 3. Jasey Jay Anderson, Val Morin, Que., 1:02:66; 4. Thedo Remmelink, Netherlands, 1:02:86; 5. Siegfried Grabner, Austria, 1:02:88; 6. Jefff Greenwood, U.S., 1:02.91; 7. Steve Persons, U.S., 1:03.52; 8. Richard Richardson, Sweden, 1:03.66; 9. Christopher J. Klug, U.S., 1:03.67; 10. Harald Walder, Austria, 1:03.94.
     1. Sondra Van Ert, U.S., One minute 7.38 seconds; 2. Betsy Shaw, U.S., 1:09.34; 3. Karine Ruby, France, 1:09.85; 4. Manuela Riegler, Austria, 1:10.28; 5. Leslee Olson, U.S., 1:10.33; 6. Lidia Trettel, Italy, 1:10.89; 7. (tie) Christine Rauter, Austria and Isabelle Blanc, France, 1:11.05; 9. Dagmar Mair U.D. Eggen, Italy, 1:11.39; 10. Ursula Fingerlos, Austria, 1:11.51.