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  March 18, 2016

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SLAM! Wrestling Canadian Hall of Fame: Owen Hart

Owen Hart Memories

 I'm probably Owen's age and I can clearly remember seeing him for the first time during the Stampede wrestling heydays. He was still smallish compared to now but he was a great flyer back then....pulling off moves from the top rope nobody in Stampede had seen before. Boy I sure miss those days of SW...saw many future greats come up from there!!
 Like with Bret I have been a long time fan of Owen .I can remember the days when Owen dressed as the Blue Blazer , he was a good wrestler but was never close to achieving the respect that his brother Bret had .It came to a shock when he turned on Bret in 1994 but living the life as a goody good didn't suit him.Owen began to reach the pinnacle of his career all by himself.His spectacular style in the ring has put him in many memorable matches but the ones I remember the most were his upset victory over his brother Bret at Wrestle Mania 10 and Bret's sweet revenge at Summer Slam 1994.Both men put one hell of a fight in both matches and they could have gone either way.Now in 1997 he is the Intercontinental champion and I think he has finally begun to receive the respect that he deserves.
 Asif Hameed
 I would have to say without a doubt that Owen Hart is the best technical wrestler in the WWF today. In his days with Stampede wrestling to his present days as an intercontinental champion in the WWF Owen Hart shows true professionalism and class in and out of the ring, much like his brother Bret.
 David Varano
 I have only started to watch wrestling, when I saw Owen turning on Bret. I knew something was wrong already in Survivor Series when Owen was the only one to lose to Shawn's team and he almost had a fight with Bret. From then, Owen turned into a major heel, but about the only major heel who never got any titles, although he proved his potential to beat the champion Bret Hart. Only after some years, he brought "the only man who beat my brother" Yokozuna and received glory. And now he's finally back with his brother, having all the gold and maybe he'll finally have the world title eventually.
 I really like his special moves, aka the Enzugiri and Spinning Wheel Kick (BTW: THAT'S his trademark finisher now, NOT the Sharpshooter!). He gains the reputation of retiring people. First, he made Shawn almost retire and now Steve Austin.
 Anyway, with a little more push, Owen would finally get the world title and finally get completely out of "Bret's shadow".
 I also really like his, what I refer to as "winning" theme music.
 So go Owen! Whoo!
  Lior Weissbrod
 The most memorable moment of Owen's career has to be when he dropped Steve Austin on his head, almost put him out of wrestling for life, and still lost the match. That just shows what a "jobber" Owen "The King of Hearts" Hart is.
 My most memorable owen moment was when he fought Stone Cold Steve Austin. How many wrestlers do you know would have the compassion to stop wrestling so he would not further injure the safety of another? I wish all wrestler's had Owen's heart. He is the true King of Karts
 Marcos ROmo
 I remember when Owen challenged Razor Ramon for the IC title. I cheered for him all by self. He won but Razor had the foot on the rope. Later a 2nd ref came out and the match was restarted. Owen lost the match and his shot at being champ.
 I think owen is the man. My favorite moment in wrestling and my favorite Owen Hart memory is when Owen charged in from the crowd dressed in street clothes to attack Shawn Michaels to defend his brother and family name against the likes of the scummy D-Generation X. In my mind that showed guts and honor and also that the Hart Family wont be shut down by Vince or his washed up champ the no talent Shawn Michaels...
 John "Hart fan" Ubdegrove
 Owen Hart is my hero, He deserves the title 3:16 because he is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. He is the real Hitman in the Hart family. He also deserves to be the WWF champion because he has the charisma to be a real champ.
  Robert Wrath
 I think we all have to agree, that Owen's shining moment in the sun, as of to date, would have to be Degeneration X. Where he would succeed to show Shawn Michaels that he would not stand for such disgraceful actions. Therefore, proceeding to come to the ring and knee Shawn Michaels in the back. Then following him down, to continue the attack. Beating him severely. The following night, once again appeared from nowhere, and doing it again, without speaking a word. Owen leaped the rail, in a single bound, and headed of into the crowd! Owen, if you read these, All I can say is "Job well done! Let us see some more of that power to appear from no where and put the DEGENERATE in his place."
 Barbara Duni
 The WWF King of the Ring tournament in 1994 still sticks out in my mind.With HUGE stars like Bam Bam Bigelow, Mabel, and Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall, in it, things really looked bleak for the 5'11, 227 lb "Rocket" Owen Hart.Owen persevered against all odds, eventually pinning Hall that night to claim the King of the Ring honours for the entire next year. The smile on his face as he was crowned by Jim "Anvil" Neidhart filled my heart with joy. On that magical evening,as he proclaimed himself the "King of Harts", Owen claimed his rightful spot in wrestling history.
 Owen has always been my hero. When he reunited with his family to reform to Hart Foundation, he just showed how a nice man he is. I've met him at a charity softball game in Montreal and all I can say is that he's a true gentleman who reminds us of the fundamental values in life. And as a wrestler, he's certainly one of the best I've ever seen, and when he beat Bret at Wrestlemania, he proved without a shadow of a doubt that he deserves all the cheers in the world...
 Fanny Ray, Mtl.Canada
 I have to say that all though I've always been a fan of the Harts, Owen has always been my personal favorite. I have to say that my best memory of him was during the family reunion with Bret, and Davey Boy. It was a touching moment. And it showed what a high Class family the Harts are.
 haig semerjian
  I grew up in Calgary so I remember Owen when he first started at Stampede. He ran in to save one of his friends against Mike Shaw and JR Foley. He cleaned house inside of a minute. He looked very impressive as a 19 year old future star. It was't until a few years later, in Yorkton Saskatchewan, I saw Owen wrestle Mike Shaw and realized this guy would be heading to the WWF soon. He dominated Shaw throughout the match, playing to the crowd and bodyslamming and suplexing Shaw with great ease. Shaw looked outclassed and out wrestled. Owen signed my program and my night was complete.
  I met Owen Hart, here in Winnipeg on May 2nd 1997!!!! That was one of the biggest thrills of my life!!! I was so scared to approach him...I actually called my mother and told her that Owen Hart was sitting at the table across the isle from me (I was at a restaurant) my mother said "Don't you bug that nice man!!"......But, in the long run...I did, I just had to, he was OWEN HART!!!! I got my picture taken with him, and he put his arm around me (Wow, he was like a True....hmmmm..whats the word...well, he was a nice guy...and nice to his fans!!!) I still have the picture, I've showed it to everybody I know like 200 times. I remember seeing Owen as the Blue Blazer, and as Owen Hart 'The Jerk' and as Owen Hart 'The True Canadian'....Wrestling is coming back here to Winnipeg soon, and I have front row!!!!! This is gonna be great!!!! OWEN RAWKS!!
  One of my personal moments about Owen was at Summer Slam '94 Bret annd Owen fought for the WWF title in a cage match . Jim " the Anvil'' Neighart and Owen after when Bret won the match them two chained the door shut and them two layed a beating on him but Bruce , Davey Boy , Dean and Keith went after them !!
  Another one was when he fought Stone Cold at Survivor Series when he lost the title cause the Hart's didn't have much luck that night , But the Canada team did beat the U.S..
  I can remember when owen debuted in 1994 as the Blue Blazer. He was fueding with Bret Hart and had won the King of the Ring. Now I can't believe the destruction of the Hart Foundation. He is a true hearted wrestler because he stands up for honor and TRADITION.
  I Remember when Owen challenged his bro-in-law Bulldog and then Bret came out and reunited them and formed the Hart Foundation. It was probably the greatest moment in WWF history even better then the Undertaker and Kain because they're really family and thats that.
 Mark Little
  I entered the "Worlds Most Famous Arena" of Madison Square Garden, we just got finished singing the national anthem with Little Richard....Owen Harts music started playing and I thought: WOW They are letting Owen start off the biggest WWF event!!!!" I remembered as he wrestled his brother Bret Hart ( who later in that evening won the WWF world title ). And boy I knew the talent Owen had before this match, but after the match he left me in "AWE" . I truly realized that this was just the beginning of a " Bright" future for ( at the time Rocket ) Owen Hart!!!! I remember his victory over Bret " Hit Man" Hart at Wrestlemania X....I remember being shocked just like the rest of the Garden, I remembered being amazed.....From there on Owen has won 3 WWF tag team titles, 2 WWF Intercontinental Titles, and is the reigning World Wrestling Federation European Champion!!!!! And he is still young!!!! I see Owen's future as being brighter than Bret's ever was and as Bright as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's will be!!! I remember saying to myself that Wrestlemania X evening that if you have not experienced the WWF or Owen Hart in person, then you have not experienced "The Black Hart" Owen Hart!!!!!!!
 Why is Owen Hart wasting his time being the European Champion when he is clearly World Title material. Owen also shouldn't waste his time with Triple H when Shawn Michaels has the big prize. I hope that the WWF gives Owen a fair title shot and that Owen can win the title. with Bret gone the spotlight belongs to "THE KING OF HARTS" AND SOON THE WWF WORLD CHAMPION.
 While I agree with many others in that highlights of Owen's career include his victory over Bret, winning the 1994 KOTR, and winning the IC title, I have other memories of Owen that I am surprised no one else has mentioned. One of my favourite's was his performance at the towel match during the 1994 Survivor Series. Although Owen wasn't an actual participant in the match, I felt he stole the show. First by not throwing in the towel to allow Bret to win, even as Mr. Backlund was screaming in pain for the towel, then by tricking his mother into throwing in the towel for Bret, and finally running back to the dressing room, carrying the towel as though it were the WWF Championship title itself. Another great moment in Owen's career, was when he made a heroic return to the ring after being injured to get the pin over Steve Austin in the 10-man tag match at the Calgary Stampede. Making this even better, was that it happened in his hometown. Finally, another memorable moment in Owen's career was a match that he actually lost on Monday Night Raw to a far inferior wrestler Bob Holly. Many of you would probably think that this is one of the lowest points in his career. In some ways I agree. However, I think that this match shows just what kind of sportsmanship Owen has, by agreeing to job to Holly so that he could get a victory over a top superstar in Holly's hometown. Somehow I doubt Shawn Micheals would have done the same. Hopefully Vince will soon recognize who the greatest wrestler and all around human being is in the WWF, and will award Owen with the WWF Championship.
  Nick Maloney, Saint John, New Brunswick
 My favorite memory of Owen is when he returned to the WWF at Degeneration X. I was so glad when one of my three favorite wrestlers returned since Bret & Davey Boy were gone. I'm glad that Owen is a fan favorite again after Vince's stupid anti-american idea.
 Matt Anderson, Elkader, Iowa
 My favorite memory of Owen was his steel cage matches with Bret. It was not good to see but the amount of talent in that ring was incredible! I still see those matches as 2 of my top 5 favorite of all time. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I have not seen a match like it since.
 Owen Hart is a new person. Owen was not a favorite of mine when he was with the Hart Foundation. He was such a follower and I hated that. He always was a competitor and I hated that because I knew he could do so much better. When the poor Bret Hart and the rest of the Hart Foundation went to WCW, I lost a lot of respect for them. If Bret thought he was so tough why did he not fight harder. Anyway I give Owen a lot of credit for at least sticking things out. He is a great wrestler who really stuck things out. Now look at him, he is wonderful and he is at least his own person and I like him like this. Owen is one of my favorites. Ggood luck to Owen in WrestleMania.
  14 year wwf fan lisa
  My favorite Owen Hart memory was when he was called out by Vince McMahon a few week after Owen beat the hell out of Shawn "the idioton" Micheals. Vince told Owen to come out and that he was ordering pro wrestling's biggest stud to show himself. Owen verbally abused the "proud" owner of the WWF and at the end of the interview, or whatever you want to call it, Owen grabbed Vince by his collar and had a very big scowl on his face and Vince just looked like he was about to lose control of his bodily functions. Owen looked "pimp" in his street clothes and the sun glasses he was wearing fit him perfectly as well.
 douglas snell
 My memory of Owen Hart when he beat that useless Rocky for the IC title.
 Owen Hart is truly the greatest
 Liz, Loren & Greg
 I met Owen Hart AGAIN!!! In Winnipeg Manitoba on Easter Sunday, I went to the Car and Truck show, just to meet him and get an autograph...(The first time I met him, I didn't ask for an autograph...Silly Me!!) Well, My friend Kris and I waited in a huge line FOREVER and I was so nervous when I finally did get to go up and get his autograph...(I'm silly like that) Well, he was a REALLY NICE GUY, and I made him an Easter Card, cuz I felt really bad that he had to spend Easter away from home. He told us that his family was with him and that was about it. It was so Rad meeting Owen again, He is totally one of my favorite Wrestlers, and I can now say that I have met him 2 times...WOW!!!! I am so happy about that, I love the Hart's, they're just so cute and Canadian!!! Well I hope that maybe one day soon, I will be able to write more Owen Hart Memories, but thats all for now! OwEn RuLeS!
 I think that Owen Hart is a great person BUT when he was coming out to WRESTLE-MANIA no even noticed him they just wanted to see if they could get Chyna in the hand ciffs.I don't think that was right. I went to see Owen wrestle and he was going to wrestle HHH but they didn't sell enough tickets to Owen wrestled D-Lo Brown. I was so mad but it was fun and i had gotten an OWEN 3:16 T-shirt.
 Samantha Gee, Carterville IL.
  My favorite memory of Mr. Hanky Owen Hart is when he won the tag team title with Yokozuna at Wrestlemania XI. I remember wondering who his mystery partner was and thinking it was probably Curt Hennig or another Hart Brother or something. He really showed me something by being able to pin Bart Gunn after on of Yokozuna's leg drops. Great job, Owen.
 ---Crothchop Brady Hicks, Dudes With Attitudes.
  I am a big fan of the Hart family I would like to say that you are number 1 in my eyes, also you the bast Wrestling today I hope you get this Owen and Luck.
 your fan Tom Mahoney
 I think that Owen Hart is a great person BUT when he was coming out to WRESTLE-MANIA no one even noticed him they just wanted to see if they could get Chyna in the hand cuffs.I don't think that that was right. I went to see Owen wrestle and he was going to wrestle HHH but they didn't sell enough tickets to Owen wrestled D-Lo Brown. I was so mad but it was fun and I had gotten an OWEN 3:16 T-shirt.
 Samantha Gee, Carterville IL.
  I think Owen is one of the best wrestlers ever to step on the ring, also I like Owen because he's not crap like DX(HHH, Shawn, and CHYNA. Owen is the best damn wrestler ever to step in the ring.
 I remember watching Owen Hart come into the WWF, with Koko B. Ware and we all thought that he would just be a monkey on Bret's back, but Owen has been quite successful himself. Owen has been given many different gimmicks, but he has consistently been a great wrestler. Owen's highflying, and submission specialties have brought him the Intercontinental title, the European titles on his own. Owen has beaten many of the top opponents in his years, including his own brother. Owen may be the youngest member of the Hart Family, but he is the best, and he is loved by many.
 Joe Wood Petaluma, ca
 My greatest memory of Owen Hart is when he faced is brother in law Davie Boy Smith THE BRITISH BULLDOG at the final of the tournament for the first European Champion. They were Tag Team Champions. At was a great match and a great victory. It was great to see Owen and Davey Boy waving the Tag Team and European titles together in the air in front of the fans after the match.
 My favorite and funniest memory regarding Owen Hart is when Bret had his towel match and he was trying to get Stu to throw in the towel and Stu slapped his hand and he rubbed his hand and decided to talk Helen into it after.

 My fondest memory of Owen, who currently is the best wrestler in the WWF, was when he made it to the finals of the european title tournament. him and the Bulldog put on one hell of a fight, and even though he lost he still was the winner to me. Also my other memory of Owen was when at Royal Rumble 1994 he kicked Bret. i mean to this day I am Bret's biggest fan, but when Owen kicked him it just showed that he was ready to come into his own; and by doing that he baited Bret into Owen biggest triumph the victory at Wrestlemania X.
  Rajan Kalra,
 When Bret hart told Owen that he is not a nugget but a black Hart.
 I think Owen was at his best when he had the tag team championship belts with the British Bulldog. He also did very well with the Hart Foundation!
 Justin Todd, Detroit, MI
 Owen was one of the best scientific wrestlers ever.Despite the disadvantage of his size, Owen's "never surrender" attitude gains my respect. Owen seems to be more successful as a heel than a face.But my predictions is that Owen will one day take over the place once held by his bro,Bret "Hitman" Hart,at the top of the WWF.
 Lee Chun Kit
 I've been a fan of Owen for years. But my favorite memory of him was at "Over the Edge". It was when DX thought they could use their same old dirty tactics on D-lo Brown. Not that I have any love for D-lo, but it was so cool when HHH and Billy put that pile driver on D-lo and they thought they had the match won. Then mister high and mighty HHH got a big surprise. Namely Owen's elbow on his neck. And this time his "bodyguard" wasn't there to save his sorry ass. Owen picked him up and, on the same belt HHH stole from Owen, delivered Helmsley's own move the pedigree and put him down for the count. And all the fans in the arena were damn fools to boo him.
 Because Owen had real fame while Helmsley was just living off of Shawn's.
 I remember watching RAW IS WAR on July 13 from the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J. Owen Hart and the Nation were angered by he fact D-Generation X imitated the Nation. Though Owen thought it wasn't funny, I thought that Jason Sensation's imitation of the "Black Hart" was funny. As J.S. finished sharing imitations of Owen and other WWF wrestlers (such as Owen's brother, Bret "The Hit Man" Hart et al.) with Jim Ross, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Shawn Michaels, Owen ran down the entrance ramp, came to where J.R., King, and HBK were, and slapped J.S. in the face. He soon gave J.S. the Sharpshooter. As he was doing that, the rest of the Nation (Rock, Mark Henry, etc.) came out and told Owen to leave J.S. alone. Owen shoved D'Lo Brown out of the way, and just then, DX came in, and that's when it turned into a war!! Can't wait for Owen to return (as himself, no The Blue Blazer) at RAW IS WAR on December 28 in Albany, N.Y.!
  Jason Bullett
  It is good to see Owen Hart dropping this blood-drawing, tough guy attitude and going back to being the lovable whinner we all know and love. When I saw Owen in the locker room at the recent In Your House screaming to Austin "leave me alone, I'm retired!", I knew it wouldn't be long before we saw the Owen of old. Owen was priceless as the King of Harts or as the Slammy-Award Winning Owen Hart. I will never forget the 3 months he spent wearing that cast around his forearm complaining about his bad arm or the times he would claim to be "the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be" despite his brother using the same moniker. Owen was never meant to be a Steve Austin type. He was at his pinnacle when he was the Hart crying for attention and being a real loser about it. I anticipate seeing who this new Blue Blazer is and how Owen is involved. "Who's in the shadow now? Wooooooooo!"
  Sean Hughes.
  I am only 16 but I have quite a few Owen Hart Memories.Such as when Owen won the Intercontinental Title against Rocky Maivia in 1997. Owen put up a good fight and won in the end. That is my favorite Owen Hart Memory.
  John Burke
  I still remember that moment, Owen Hart wrestling against Shawn Michaels for the WWF World Heavyweight Title in Raw is war. For me, that was the best Owen's fight, he dominates all the fight with all his moves include the Spinning wheel kick, and when he puts Michaels in the Sharpshooter HHH hit the Rocket with a crutch, Owen win the fight but not the title
  Daniel Benavides.
  I think Owen is great. I heard that some people like to call him "NUGGET". That gets me mad. He is a good wrestler. Anyway I remember my brother Jeremy,(he is 7) turning on the TV to watch Honey I Shrunk The Kids TV show, and Bret and Owen were on it. I thought that was COOL!!! That was one of my memories.
  Danielle Cohen
  My favorite memory off my favorite wrestler Owen Hart of all time has to be when he beat the sad excuse for a wrestler Ken Shamrock right in his owen home. Shamrock didn't even know what hit him
  Chris muehleisen
  The best memory of Owen Hart is when he defeated Bret at Wrestlemania X. I believe that that was Owen's shining moment and he clearly proved that he was of equal talent to his brother. It seemed as if before Wrestlemania X Owen was not getting the credit he deserved. He was a shadow of the Hitman. But since Bret has left the WWF, Owen has taken on the responsibility to maintain the Hart family name. And in my opinion, I think he is doing a good job.
  Martha Hardy
  I remember Owen on the Wrestle Vessel Cruise when he was in Mexico buying Tee shirts with his wife and children. It was nice to see him as a family man as well as a great wrestler. I miss seeing Owen wrestle on television because my hart, I mean, my heart is with his brother Bret. I promised Bret as well as myself after the WWF and McMahon's screw of Bret I would never watch or have anything to do with the WWF again. I have lived up to that promise. My greatest wish came true for me on the cruise when I surprised Bret with the birthday cake at his table. But another wish came true when I got talk to Mr. Stu Hart on the cruise. I should have been watching the superstars play volleyball but instead I talked to Stu. What a great man. Anyway I loved meeting Owen too. He is a real nice guy. Nancy Minton,, Laurel, Maryland
 I was at WWF house show in Boston w/ my family. We were sitting in the box seats and having a really great time. During intermission, Mankind walked right into the box next to us, and he started talking to and hugging and signing autographs for all the people in the box. I was really bummed because we didn't get to see him. But then Owen Hart knocked on our door and we let him in. He was really nice and signed autographs and took pictures w/ us and asked us how we liked the show so far. He was really cool, and I really enjoyed seeing him and talking to him. He said he was going to wrestle after the intermission, and said to make sure that we cheered really loud for him when he came out. We promised we would and we did. I'll never forget that day!
  I think Owen is one of the best wrestlers there is! I mean come on,He has all of the talent you need to the greatest superstar. I went to a wwf show in Pittsburg and after the event he was near a water fountain and I got to meet him! He is one of the nicest people I have ever met,he seems to be mean on television but it's just an act.
  Owen keep winning with Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!
  Some people may say Owen is the real "Hitman" of the Hart family, but I think he is the best technical wrestler of the whole wrestling world. The only thing left for Owen to do now is win the WWF heavyweight title. Owen has been the European, I-C, and tag team champs, and now Owen, just win the world title!
 Owen, you are a great wrestler. Why he has to play a role like this, I do not know. He was best in his Stampede days, and he should be a WWF champion. I think that he is a great team wrestler as well. Best memory, was when he and Bruce Hart, along with Bret Hart pummeled the tar right out of Jerry Lawler. That was a memory never to be forgotten.
 Derek M. Ellis
  I remember first seeing Owen at a live event when I first started watching wrestling. I really didn't know who he was. Then as he turned on his brother in later months, I was a instant fan. I have followed his career since and he has always been a favorite. Although I don't think he get's much respect anymore, probably because all the stonecold new fans that don't realize he was and still is one of the best wrestlers in the WWF. I think I will always remember watching Owen get that win over Bret on Pay-Per-View.
 I will always remember when Owen beat my favorite wrestler, Bret "the Hitman" Hart at Wrestlemania X. But Bret won the WWF title that same night by beating Yokozuna for his second WWF world title reign.
  I will always remember Owen Hart for two things. First, his infamous encounters like Jerry Lawler in '93. Those incredible moves really impressed me and I've been an Owen fan ever since. And who can forget the tag team title reign with the British Bulldog? They REALLY dominated. I think that was the greatest reign ever after the Hart Foundations.
 In March of 1995 WWF was here in Denver for an event at the coliseum. It was right in the middle of the fierce Bret Hart and Owen Hart rivalry. We always went to the hotel they stayed in afterwards for autographs. Yeah so we are hounds oh well, Owen was the only one who actually stopped and gave me an autograph. Everyone else who stopped had a "My Stuff Don't Stink Attitude" except Mo from Men On a Mission. But Owen was by far the nicest one and he earned my respect for life.
Memories of Owen Hart after his death

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