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   March 18, 2016

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Dewey Robertson

Dewey Robertson Missing Link
REAL NAME: Byron James John Robertson
BORN: Kitchener, Ontario
6'2", 255 pounds
ALIASES/NICKNAMES: The Missing Link, Half of the Crusaders (with Billy Red Lyons, Troy Steel

 Dewey Robertson was fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of Whipper Billy Watson to learn the ropes of pro wrestling.

  He had modest success under his real name, including a stint as Canadian heavyweight champion (Toronto version) in 1980.

 Under a mask as a Crusader with tag team partner Billy Red Lyons, Robertson found more success.

 But it was as the Missing Link in the WWF that he became a superstar, even getting into Sports Illustrated.

 Fame, however, wasn't kind to Robertson.

 Drugs and alcohol derailed his career, and in July 1993 he had a kidney removed. In his opinion, the kidney failed because of his prolonged use of marijuana.

 After dropping out of the mat game, Robertson lectured to Ontario schools and businesses on drug and alcohol dependency.

 On occasion after disappearing from the WWF, he donned the tights as The Missing Link in small shows around Toronto, and periodic tours of Japan.

 Part of the reason to stay in the game was to work with his son Jason Sterling, who wrestles in southern Ontario and did some promoting.

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     Dewey lived down the road from me while he was in Dallas wrestling for a few years. He and Gayle used to come over as well as Jason and Mark. They used to work out at my house. They are some very nice people.
     If there is one thing I remember about the Missing Link is when he brought Dusty Rhodes to his knees in a test of strength, I just couldn't believe it, it was the first time I saw Dusty on his knee's in a test of strength thats what make's The Missing Link a legend
     Davis Family
     When he wrestled the undercard with the NWA - Mid Atlantic group, I once saw him shopping with a female friend or his wife (not sure) at a jewelry counter in downtown Richmond, Virginia on the day of the card. I was with my Grandmother, who hated pro wrestling, so I couldn't mark out and ask for an autograph. The guy was huge and in great shape and really stood out. It was his destiny to perform as "The Missing Link" or some other super character.
     I owe a debt of gratitude to Dewey. Dewey trained long time Canadian wrestler Ric Bolton, who,. many years later trained me and helped me enter the business. I like to think of myself as a 3rd generation Robertson wrestler of sorts.
      "Dangerous" Danny Steele
      My brain thinks of the Missing Link as one of the all time greats with headbutt after head butt !! The Consistantly of his style was unbelievable . When I list my top ten fav wrestlers of all time he is always in there. I remember in Pittsburgh one time he just won a match with his head ofcourse & as he was walking back I tapped him & said your the best & got a smile .. The crazy man with the body & the original HEAD .
      Don- Pittsburgh
     I would like to take this opportunity to thank a person , who opened the door to Many, Many, of today's and yesterday's stars
      Upon Dewey`s return to Canada I was training with his son Jason (who in his own right a great technical wrestler).They tought me the business as well as introducing me to many people.My first shot was on T.V Jason Sterling vs Mark Robertson.
     I was honoured to also be assigned The Link vs Jason Sterling In northern Canada.
      Many years have passed already . I will always remember The first Big show I worked W.C.W Legends of wrestling. We were the last event in the building before it closed. (Memorial Aud Buffalo N.Y.) Dewey said to me "This is where people will see you, make the best of it."
      From the time a seven year old kid stood in two feet of snow, to the time the same kid twenty years later raised his arm in victory in front of Twenty- Thousand screaming fans.
      Thanks: Dewey, Jason, Mark, For everything...
     Your Friend Always Referee Harry.D.,
     As a young wrestling fan, I often watched anything and everything that had to do with the sport. And thinking back on that time I can honestly say that the Missing Link was by far my favorite heel character. In a time when being a babyface meant being a superhero, the Missing Link provided the ultimate villain. I remember watching him while he was a part of the World Class Championship Wrestling promotion in good old Texas. He was the first heel I ever appreciated because his maniacal nature was so intimidating that you had no choice but to be drawn to the character just to see the extent of his craziness. In today's wrestling world, he would still stand out. In this fans mind, his legacy still lives on.
     Bryant Allyn Davis
      I recently got to meet Mr. Robertson at Jackson Square in Hamilton, Ontario. My wife and I were waiting to see a movie, when Mr. Robertson sat down beside us. I knew him from his tv appearances when I younger. Mr. Robetson was a gentleman and did appear to mind that I was in awe.
      He told me he has been working on a book about his career, and I for one can't wait for it to come out. If this man writes like he speaks, it will far out sell any of the 'hack" books out there today.
     I remember The Missing Link. I saw him on TV WWF wrestling when I was 10 years old. I remember he threw a guy into the corner, and the corner buckle broke and the ring collided in!!!!
     I believe he is the greatest! And his head butts are crazy!!!! I'm trying to get videos on him so I can show my little brother he is 15, I am 26.
     We watch wrestling all the time. But The Missing Link is just Shocking! He means business.
     Dewey was a man of great dignity and honesty - in a game of theatrics and showmanship. His matches at Maple Leaf Gardens - classics against Bockwinkle and Race will long remain in fans memories. He was a fine Canadian champion and an exceptional wrestler. He made Canada proud, and his career will remain in the minds of many, young and old, for many years. Here's to you, Dewey,
      After Dewey's long absence from the ring (1989) I had the pleasure of stepping through the ropes to face the Missing Link. It was a great honor for me. I was trained by Dewey and his son Jason in 1989. After our match we sat in the dressing room for along time talking about Dewey. He is a true gentleman. I could of sat there all night as there was so much to hear but not enough time. This was truly an honor for me and one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Once again thanks Dewey for sharring so much with me.
      I'll ways remember Dewey Robertson as The Missing Link.
     Dave Cox.