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  April 10, 1999

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Hogan still has enough Flair to become king of ring again

By MR. X -- Ottawa Sun
  PARTS UNKNOWN -- Hollywood Hogan is turning the jeers to cheers, with the crowning glory coming as early as tomorrow night at WCW's Spring Stampede.

With fans now switching to Hogan's side, he'll line up in a 4-Way match for the heavyweight championship against Sting, Ric Flair and Diamond Dallas Page. If Hogan is to win the title, expect guest referee Randy Savage to play a part.

Among other matches on the pay-per-view (8 p.m., Viewer's Choice) are Goldberg vs. Nash and Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio.

AROUND THE WWF: Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Big Show Paul Wight had the last laugh on WWF owner Vince McMahon on RAW. After Stone Cold helped Wight clean house against Hunter Hearst Helmsley and The Rock, the pair ripped the TitanTron to shreds ... Shawn Michaels married ex-Nitro girl Whisper (Rebecca Curci) March 31 ... The Headbangers are getting a new gimmick. Look for Mosh as Beaver Cleavage and Thrasher as an evil clown ... Ryan Shamrock was the latest sacrifice by The Undertaker ... Kane and X-Pac are the new tag-team champs after beating Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart ... Expect Sean Stasiak to appear as a slave for PMS ... Terri Runnels had her T-shirt ripped off by Ivory last week, but we didn't get much of a peek thanks to bad timing by The Undertaker's arrival, with the lights going out.

WCW BITS: Word is Davey Boy Smith, in the hospital with a spinal infection, has been given his pink slip ... It's hard to believe Bret Hart's abrupt departure from the WCW is for real. While he keeps insisting he was misused and he's fed up, the Hitman seems likely to reappear at some point. I have a hard time believing the conspiracy theory that suggests Hart and McMahon are in cahoots and the Hitman will return to the WWF with the WCW virtually destroyed.