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  April 11, 1999

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Davey Boy taking fight to court
British Bulldog primed to fight WCW axing with a lawsuit

By ERIC FRANCIS -- Calgary Sun
  Davey Boy Smith knows all about getting kicked when he's down. After all, he's a professional wrestler.

But despite the fact he's lying in a local hospital awaiting possible back surgery, the British Bulldog isn't about to submit to his latest opponent.

Out of the wrestling loop since September with a back injury suffered in the ring, Smith received written notice this week his contract has been terminated by World Championship Wrestling. Incensed by the decision, and the impersonal way it was delivered, Smith said he's going to sue his former employer.

"It's a crock of (bleep)," said Smith, suffering from an undiagnosed and painful bone infection in his back.

"I'm shocked. I hurt myself in their ring because of their (negligence) and they do this? They put me in an unsafe environment and that's why I'm here."

Smith was sidelined in September when a WCW opponent power slammed him on a hidden trap door beneath the ring he wasn't told about. Doctors told him Friday they might have to replace 4 ins. of his fractured spine with titanium, which would end definitely his wrestling career.

Ironically, earlier this week, Smith's brother-in-law, Bret (Hitman) Hart, was also in Rockyview Hospital for groin surgery. And a couple floors below him was Bret's sister, Ellie, who is married to Jim Neidhart.

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