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  Apr 17, 1999

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Fightin' females abound

Saturday, April 17, 1999
By RYAN PYETTE -- Calgary Sun
  Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little girls are made of.

So they say, anyway. But little girls eventually grow up into women, and some of them, like the World Wrestling Federation ladies, have very little sweetness, and even less niceness.

But they still have plenty of glamour and fire. And that's enough to fuel 'rasslin' fans' desire to see the sexy-but-vicious vixens of the WWF in action, putting their rivals in traction.

You get the good, the bad, and the gorgeous, and most times, all three at once.

Take the mini-gang PMS, which stands appropriately for Pretty Mean Sistas. Group members Terri Runnells and Jackie always stir the pot, and we don't mean in the kitchen.

Right now, the diminutive but power-packed Jackie takes care of business in the ring, while Runnells lends a helping, often cheating hand.

A few weeks ago, Runnells burnt Jackie's opponent with a lit cigar.

But burnt skin is nothing compared to the pain-packed package of a 'Sable Bomb' administered by current women's champion and undisputed Queen of the Ring, Sable.

Sable's got the goat of all the wrestling gals since hippity-hopping onto the pages of Hugh Hefner's Playboy.

These days, the cock-of-the-walk Sable slinks into the ring, performs the Sable 'Grind', and sings: `This is for the women who want to be me, and for the men who come to see me!'

The lovely Debra McMichael, today's SUNshine Girl, is not as willing-and-able to fight like Sable, but she still steals hearts and wins for her boys -- Calgary's Owen Hart and tag partner Jeff Jarrett.

"Sometimes, everyone's looking at Debra, and they forget about the match," said Owen. "And we're not adverse to cheating, so it works great for us."

Works great for the fans, too. They get to look at Debra do her thing in those oh-so-small business suits.

Cat-suited Tori and charismatic Ivory are all business and beauty in the ring. They'll take on Jackie in a three-way match tonight at the 'Dome.

And last but never least, there's Chyna, the Ninth Wonder of the World.

Tough as nails and twice as captivating, Chyna has reunited with Triple-H to form a deadly duo.

Chyna does whatever she wants in the WWF because there's no one who could stop her.

And who'd want to, anyway?