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  Apr 17, 1999

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Getting to know the grapplers

By RYAN PYETTE -- Calgary Sun
  Here's a quick sketch of some of the WWF Superstars appearing tonight, 7:30 p.m. at the Saddledome:

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Sells more T-shirts than anyone in the biz ... Won the World Wrestling Federation heavyweight championship for the third time at Wrestlemania XV in Philadelphia last month when he stunned 'The Rock' ... hails from Victoria, Tex. ... nicknamed `The Rattlesnake' ... favourite move is the `Stone Cold Stunner' ... celebrates each victory by guzzling a `Steveweiser' ... Fave saying: `Cos Stone Cold said so!'

The Rock: real name is Duane Johnson ... hails from Miami, Fla., played football for University of Miami Hurricanes, then was on taxi squad for the Calgary Stampeders ... third generation wrestler ... Claims to be the the 'People's Champ' ... favourite moves are `Rock Bottom' and `The People's Elbow' ... Fave saying is `If you smell what The Rock is cookin'

Ken Shamrock: Described as 'The World's Most Dangerous Man' ... Is rumoured to be considering a return to Ultimate Fighting Challenge ... Finishing move is the ankle-lock ... Has a vagabond sister `Ryan' who he's extremely protective of ... Fave saying is `I'm in the Zone!'

Undertaker: Hails from Death Valley ... Leader of 'The Ministry', the group now threatening to take over the WWF from Vince McMahon ... Called `The Phenom', he stands almost 7 ft., 300 lbs., and is cat-like agile ... Hanged the Big Bossman at Wrestlemania XV, and once mock-crucified Austin ... Fave move is still `The Tombstone' ... A new comic book is based on the `Undertaker' character.

Owen Hart: Hails from Calgary ... youngest member of the world's most famous wrestling family ... Has won every title in the WWF except the World Championship, and promises to chase Austin very soon. .. Currently tag-teaming with Jeff Jarrett, their valet is the lovely, but interfering, Debra McMichael ... Fave saying: 'Enough is enough, and it's time for a change.'

'The Big Show' Paul Wight: Biggest man in professional wrestling since Andre the Giant, stands 7-ft.,4-in., 500-lbs. ... first-ever match at the Saddledome ... came to the WWF from rival World Championship Wrestling a few months ago ... joined Vince McMahon's Corporation, but quit when McMahon slapped him at Wrestlemania XV ... Fave move is `The Chokeslam'.

Mankind: Sacrifices his unsculpted body more than any pro wrestler ... Was always categorized a 'loser' and `jobber', but realized a dream this year by rising up and winning the World Heavyweight Championship ... Owns a gross, stinky sock he calls `Mr. Socko' that he sticks in his opponent's mouth ... Earned the respect of millions when he was tossed off a steel cage by the Undertaker and hurtled 20 ft. into the announcer's booth ... Fave saying: `Have a nice day.'

Goldust: Producer of the 'Shattered Dreams' ... Struggled with identity, stopped wearing make-up and wrestled as `Dustin Runnells', but it didn't work ... Accompanied to the ring by `The Blue Meanie,' and claims to be the Meanie's `Mother'.