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  April 18, 1999

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DeMarco WWF's top Canuck

By SCOTT ZERR -- Edmonton Sun

Carl De Marco  He's no Vince McMahon, but Carl DeMarco is the corporate kingpin of the World Wrestling Federation in this country.
 DeMarco, the president of WWF Canada, has a long list of responsibilities ranging from overseeing live events and pay-per-view rights to merchandising and publications. He has a direct link to McMahon, the owner and chairman of the sports entertainment empire, who DeMarco called "a genius who is ahead of his time."
 Judging by the organization's success in Canada, DeMarco and his Toronto-based staff are pile-driving the competition. The WWF's Raw is TSN's highest-rated show, easily outdistancing hockey and consistently crushing the numbers produced by rival World Championship Wrestling's Nitro.
 Even with the heat the WWF has taken in recent months for its lewd material, the ratings are consistently through the roof and the people continue to turn out in droves for the arena shows.
 "That's what the fans want, they want to be entertained. I don't think one or two people or a very miniscule minority should dictate what three million-plus people want to watch every single week on television,'' said DeMarco, who will be at today's show.
 "When you become the big dog on the block, everyone focuses on you, good or bad. All the stories that came out we listened to it, but you wouldn't believe how many thousands and thousands of people have called, faxed and e-mailed us that they don't want the show edited, they don't want our shows moved - they want more."

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