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  April 19, 1999

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Dudleys win tag belts

By BOB KAPUR -- for SLAM! Wrestling

 It was time to party down in Dudleyville this weekend. Those dastardly Dudley Boys won the ECW World Tag Team championship for a sixth time at an ECW television taping in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday night. The Dudleys took advantage of an injured Sabu and Rob Van Dam's ego sending out D-Von Dudley against RVD in a singles match for the straps. With his jaw taped, Sabu attempted a run-in to save the titles but Justin Credible and Lance Storm acted as The Dudley's insurance policy caning Sabu. Buh Buh Ray's continued interference proved too much for Van Dam to overcome. D-Von pinned RVD after three or four refs were punked by a frustrated Buh Buh. An angry Sabu argued with RVD afterwards shoving manager Bill Alphonso. Could a Sabu - RVD split be forthcoming?

Extreme Championship Wrestling
Erie County Community College, Burt Fleckinger Athletic Centre, Buffalo NY
Saturday, April 17, 1999


    1. Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney def. Little Guido & Sal E. Graziano (of the "Full Blooded Italians")

    2. Skull Von Crush & "Dastardly" Danny Doring vs. Nova & Chris Chetti went to a No Contest, when ECW World Champion Taz entered the ring and laid all four men out with a variety of suplexes. Taz then called out Spike Dudley for a title match.

    3. ECW World Champion Taz def. "Giant Killer" Spike Dudley by submission to retain his belt.

    4. Interview with Tommy Dreamer (w/ Head Cheerleader Francine). Justin Credible and Lance Storm came out along with The Fake Beulah, Jason, and Slave Girl (?) and attacked Dreamer with the Singapore Cane. Beulah laid out Francine with a cane shot as well, prompting several wrestlers to come in from the back and make the save. Credible and Storm challenged Jerry Lynn and Super Crazy who had come out to assist Francine to a tag match.

    5. Jerry Lynn & Super Crazy def. Justin Credible & Lance Storm

    6. The Dudley Boys w/ Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley came out. They said that because they assisted Credible & Storm, that their debt to them was repaid. Credible & Storm insisted that the debt would only be paid once the Dudley's handed them the ECW Tag Team Championship held by Sabu & Rob Van Dam. RVD w/ Bill Alfonso came out and accepted the match against the Dudleys. Since Sabu was injured and not able to wrestle, RVD would fight D-Von Dudley in a singles matchup with the Tag Team Titles on the line.

    7. D-Von Dudley def. Rob Van Dam, with the assistance of Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Justin Credible and Lance Storm. Sabu also came out during this match but was prevented from saving RVD when Credible knocked him out with a Singapore Cane shot.

    Buh Buh Ray and D-Von Dudley are the NEW Tag Team Champions.

    (Note that Rob Van Dam's TV Championship was not on the line, and he remains the TV title-holder.)

    Credible and Storm then demanded the belts from the Dudleys. The Dudleys refused giving Credible and Storm the "finger".

    Sabu and RVD argued after the match as Sabu questioned RVD as to why he accepted a singles match with the Tag Titles on the line. Alphonso tried to smooth over the two men by insisting that the TV belt was a shared glory among the two but neither man took too kindly to that suggestion.

    8. Yoshihiro Tajiri def. Rhino Richards

    9. Tommy Dreamer def. Steve Corino. Corino challenged Dreamer to an old-school, Memphis-style, technical wrestling matchup. They wrestled that way for a while before Dreamer took it hardcore and introduced ladders and chairs to the mix. Francine and "Wild Bill" also got heavily involved in this one.

    10. New Jack def. Mustafa, as the former partners brawled in an Old School Gangstas Match (weapons, falls count anywhere).