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  April 22, 1999

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Hardcore set to hit London

By GREG OLIVER -- SLAM! Wrestling
Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. Courtesy HWF.
 The sleeply city of London is known for the University of Western Ontario, producing great hockey players and its many, many trees.

As of Friday, that will be different. It will be a hardcore town.

The Hardcore Wrestling Federation is presenting a show called Meltdown '99 at the Medway Arena that has already sold out, with over 900 tickets sold.

Local indy wrestler Larry Destiny spent a couple of years living in London, and can't wait to wrestle in the town again.

"It's a great opportunity to bring wrestling back to London for the fans," said Destiny. "There hasn't been much wrestling around there for the past five to seven years."

Like many medium-sized cities across Canada, London no longer is in the WWF's plans. Back in the days when Frank Tunney ran the Ontario scene, London got stars like Whipper Watson and Yukon Eric on a weekly basis.

Mike Shaw will also be making the drive to London, and will be wrestling as Bastion Booger.

The former Makhan Singh and Norman The Lunatic said that he hasn't wrestled in the area since his WWF days, but often drives through London when going to his inlaws in Kitchener from his home in Michigan.

Bastion Booger, who faces Dangerous Danny Steele, isn't the only 'big' indy name on the card.

Honkytonk Man will be in the main event against the winner of a battle royale. The Iron Shiek faces The Brooklyn Brawler Steve Lombardi, who also does double duty in the show as Doink The Clown. Nikoli Volkoff is also in town with his former tag partner, and faces Ontario up-and-comer Stunning Sean.

There will even be a three-way ladder match, with L'Artiste facing Jimi V and Custom Made Man.

The sold-out event will also be available on the 'Net in Real Audio via Radio-Ethos's Rock-n-Wrestle show.