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  April 23, 1999

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SkyDome show goes through the motions


 Going in, nobody expected anything significant to happen at the World Wrestling Federation SkyDome show in Toronto. And nothing did. With the Backlash pay-per-view looming this Sunday, the WWF guarded their talent from injury by slotting them into card filled top to bottom with low-pressure tag matches.

Endangering a multi-million dollar pay-per-view for a commonplace house show is not good business sense.

Backlash main eventers WWF World Heavyweight Champion - Steve Austin - and challenger - Rocky Maivia, had their normal work load reduced in a convenient tag team war which had Austin and former Corporate Team bodyguard Paul Wight lock horns with current Corporate Team members Rocky Maivia and D-Generation X turncoat Hunter-Hearst Helmsley.

"This isn't kareoke night with The Rock. I'm cutting this promo myself," said Maivia reciting his routine "candy ass" - "know-your-role-boulevard" pre-match speech. Helmsley and Chyna followed but Triple H surrendered his customary microphone time so that Paul Wight and Austin could wow the crowd with their ring entrances.

Things broke down right from the get-go as the four men paired off brawling at ringside. Once the ref restored order, Triple H took it to Austin. Stone Cold suplexed Helmsley so that he could slap skin with The Big Show. Wight backed both Maivia and Triple H into a corner and rammed them with his big butt. A double-head butt had Helmsley and The Rock wishing they'd brought a bottle of aspirin with them to the ring.

Wight raised The Rock into a Chokeslam. Helmsley low-blowed him from behind. The Corporate Team beat on Wight as Austin tried unsuccessfully to circumvent the ref and enter the ring without a tag. The Big Show got himself out of the predicament. He double-clotheslined Triple H and The Rock then hot-tagged Austin.

Austin and Helmsley went at it in the ring as Paul Wight and The Rock traded blows on the outside. Chyna sneakily tripped up Stone Cold. Austin recovered to thwart a Pedigree and Stun Helmsley. Seeing Austin had things well in hand, Wight chased Maivia to the dressing room. Stone Cold got the three count. Chyna and Triple H attacked a lone Austin. Stone Cold Stunned both of them.

The next WWF SkyDome house show is Saturday, July 24th.

WWF SkyDome House Show Results

  • The Acolytes made short work of D.O.A.

  • Droz got a shocking win over Gangrel.

  • X-Pac and Kane retained their WWF World Tag Team belts against Test and The Big Bossman. Bossman abandoned Test who was then Tombstoned by Kane.

  • Al Snow knocked out Val Venis so that Bob Holly could hold onto his WWF Hardcore title strap.

  • The New Age Outlaws defeated the teams of Owen Hart - Jeff Jarrett and Christian - Edge to score the victory in a tag team elimination match.

  • Al Snow and Torrie downed Ivory and D'Lo Brown.

  • The Ministry Of Darkness (The Undertaker and Midian) were victorious over the team of Ken Shamrock and Mankind. The Undertaker Tombstoned Mankind.

  • The Godfather held onto the Intercontinental title by defeating Goldust. Blue Meanie was officially welcomed back to the WWF prior to the bout.