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  Aug 14, 1999

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READER ALERT: For all the latest wrestling happenings, check out our News & Rumours section.

Helmsley's reign atop WWF likely a short one

By MR. X -- Ottawa Sun
  PARTS UNKNOWN -- The World Wrestling Federation will add a stunning twist to Summer Slam Monday on RAW is WAR.

Forget the Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Steve Austin main event.

And pay no attention to Chyna earning the right to replace HHH.

Just when we'd forgotten about Mick Foley, he's back with a bang, bang. The WWF's most unheralded superstar will face HHH and Austin in a triple-threat match for the championship. This scenario could mean a title reign, likely a short one, for Helmsley.

AROUND THE WWF: Kane and X-Pac are tag team champs again ... Chris Jericho made a sensational debut on RAW and is a perfect foil for the people's champ. Look for Jericho to stick his nose in The Rock's business ... The Hardy Boyz demolished their manager Michael Hayes ... The Rock vs. Billy Gunn match at Summer Slam has some added stipulations: The loser has to kiss the winner's rear end.

Could be a chance for Gunn to smell what the Rock is cookin' ... Seems Stone Cold is a big puppy fan. Word is his main squeeze is Debra McMichael ... The British Bulldog will return to the WWF, much to the chagrin of his brother-in-law Bret Hart who told the Calgary Sun: "I saw a strange sight yesterday -- dogs rolling in manure and loving every minute of it. For some reason, it made me think of how the Bulldog will do anything

to work for the WWF." ... Rena Mero, the woman formerly known as Sable, is expected to star in an action movie, Dopple Ganger.

WCW BITS: Say goodbye to Hollywood Hogan. The yellow and red Hulkster is back. Word is Hogan's retirement isn't far away. Maybe at tonight's Road Wild pay-per-view ... Ric Flair's WCW days are numbered. He recently had a major blow-up with his bosses and no-showed Nitro last week. WCW took it out on Flair's son, David, making him drop his U.S. title to Chris Benoit. Flair and newcomer

Shane Douglas have legitimate heat between them ... Raven and Vampiro with the Insane Clown Posse have formed the Dead Pool ... Macho Man Savage speared Dennis Rodman on Jay Leno Tuesday.