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  Aug 2, 1998

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WWF Montreal report, Aug. 2, 1998

The show started with the announcer who was not the regular guy but the replacement who's a former stripper and works local RWR and also sucks as Road Dog told him later in the show.

He presented Jason Sensation who did a bunch of imitation while presenting the line-up. It was fun and very entertaining some fans said he stayed too long, I say he was better than the ring announcer doing the same bit and that's a good thing. He was very over, more than some of the talent.

In the first match, Taka Michinoku beat Scott Taylor with his Michinoku Driver. Taka wrestled in the face role as he is only going to turn heel on the tape show tonight. The Montreal crowd is hot and was always into Taka.

Referee Earl Hebner gets heel reaction just showing up as people in Montreal will always remembered, that he screwed Bret in this building. Hebner even give the fans the bird !

In the second match Scorpio beat Tiger Ali Singh with a moonsault. Good match but Ali's gimmick has not been on Raw yet and it showed. At least Scorpio won and Ali will learn that there was no shame in losing. Edge showed up and gave Ali his finisher to a great pop.

Pat Patterson did an interview announcing his role as a special guest referee for the main event between Austin, Kane and Undertaker. He blasted Montreal refusing to speak French even in his hometown. Good use from the TV show to pop the house show crowd. He promised a title change tonight. Good use of an old tease as this time fans don't want a title change.

In the third match X-Pac with Chyna beat Jeff Jarret after a power bomb. Tennessee Lee distracted the referee at the wrong moment as he will be out of the JJ storyline soon. Good match and X-Pac is really over big time in his new DX role.

They plugged the WWF magazine with Sable on the cover and she gets a pop and a Sable chant starts. She is over not even being on the show.

In the fourth match New Age Outlaws beat Kama and Mark Henry & The Quebecers in a triple threat match when Billy beat Kama with a small package.

Outlaws made their trademark speech to the crowd's delight. Jacques was wearing the costume he beat Hulk Hogan with and Pierre his pirate outfit. Originally the Quebecers were supposed to get a title shot on this show but with Undertaker and Austin champions, it was cancelled. They got a mixed reaction but got more than their fair share of pops.

Pierre did a suicide dive onto Mark Henry on the outside and was given the big comeback after the hot tag as he nailed all four of the other guys. If not for the Outlaws, they would have been the clear faces in the match.

In the fifth match, Mankind beat Terry Funk with the mandible claw in a pinfalls count anywhere match. They first worked over the house mike and then went on to have a mild weapon's match where their goal was more to have fun more than getting reaction for Funk who was treated poorly recently on TV.

After the match asked the crowd for an ovation because there won't ever be another Terry Funk and Cactus Jack. The way they wrestled and with the speech, looked a lot like it could be Terry Funk last house show run with the WWF.

Then it was the intermission for 15 minutes. Then they accidentally turned off the lights in the Center, and that took 15 minutes to bring them back on. A presentation was made to the contest winner of a day on the road with the Quebecers.

The Quebecers were in the ring and to kill time, Jacques took the mike and said that he knows that right now they are not the hottest team in the WWF, but that before it's over, they are going back on top one last time. He also said that Montreal was the best. Then most of the Montreal Expos line-up (American players) like Chris Widger and Brad Fullmer gave both Quebecers an Expos jersey. The ceremony got a great reaction out of the crowd and might just make them full faces for the next show in Montreal.

In the sixth match, Val Venis beat Kurrgan with the money shot. A good match Venis had no heat after his intro. Not bad. Classic line from Venis again:
"You are looking at the only man in who has score more in Montreal than the legendary Maurice Richard."

In the seventh match, Hunter Hearst Hemsley beat Rocky Maivia by DQ when Kama interfered. Chyna is now real over as character and people love for her to nail the bad guys. Both Hunter and Rocky are now major league main event players. Even if Rocky was the heel, he got a tremendous pop for the people's elbow. After the bell the Outlaws made the save and gave Henry a double suplex.

DX then did their bit where they asked for women in the audience to show them their breasts. The one they picked to came in the ring, refused to disrobe, and was booed. Three women did it in the crowd for humongous pop. Now that's adult entertainment. There was almost no kids under ten at the show for the first time. It was still a good crowd with a lot of teenagers and adults.

In match number eight, Ken Shamrock beat Owen Hart with the ankle lock submission.

Jason Sensation made the intro of the match and that got the crowd going on the nugget chant they are giving Owen right now. Good match but nowhere near the heat the previous match had.

In the main event, Steve Austin beat Kane and Undertaker in a three way match after pinning Kane. Austin was again so over that I could not hear the announcer say the word Austin. Usual WWF triple threat match with most of the match being one vs one while the other is knocked out. The heat was so good that it made up for match quality. Still a very entertaining match on it's own. Patterson refused to count Kane on the first stunner. Taker then chokeslam Austin and tombstone Kane. Except Mankind pull him out of the ring before he could pinned his brother. Austin nailed Patterson and gave Kane another stunner for the pinfall by a regular referee. Patterson complaint to the new referee and punch him. Austin take revenge by stunning Patterson for a big pop. Austin has heat up until he leave the ring. After the show (Austin had left a minute before) a drunk idiot went into the ring and was escorted out by security.

Good matches, nothing bad in probably the best house show by the WWF in Montreal I have ever seen.

Bertrand Hebert