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  Aug 4, 1997

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WWF Summerslam '97 results

: The American national anthem is played as the event starts.

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley Vs Mankind (Steel Cage Match)

: Chyna interferes many times, once slamming the cage door on Mankind's head and throwing the ref into the ring stairs.
: HHH and Mankind ram each other into the cage but no blood ever flows. Don't yah hate that WWF steel cage?
: Chyna drops a steel chair into the cage. HHH goes for the Pedigree but Mankind counters with a back drop.
: Mankind has the chance to climb out. The fans chant SUPERFLY! SUPERFLY! Mankind climbs to the top of the cage, leaps off and lands a flying elbow smash on Hunter.
Winner: Mankind at 16 minutes and 13 seconds.
: Gorilla Monsoon presents New Jersey governor, Christie Whitman, with an honorary WWF Championship.
  : Tiger Ali Singh and Tiger Jeet Singh are seated at ringside.

Goldust Vs Brian (Loose Cannon) Pillman

: If Pillman loses, he must wrestle in Marlena's dress on Monday's Raw Is War.
: A mannequin wearing Marlena's dress is at ringside.
: Marlena bops Pillman in the head with a loaded purse. Goldust gets the pinfall.
: An enraged Pillman, smashes the mannequin and tears the dress apart.
Winner:Goldust (and Marlena) at seven minutes and seventeen seconds.

The Godwinns Vs The Legion Of Doom

: The Godwinns bring a Rebel flag with them.
: Captain Lou Albano is sitting in the front row.
: LOD finishes off Henry O. Godwinn with a spike piledriver.
Winners: The Legion Of Doom at nine minutes and fifteen seconds.
: Ten or more minutes are wasted as the Million Dollar contest is run on the air.
: Two contestants are in attendance. Petingail phones live for another two. Three phone calls go unanswered. The clock ticks.
: Lawler comments..."They should have got someone smarter to do an eggplant."
: Relegated to the role of showpieces, Sunny and Sable model their wares.
: After all that, no one ends up winning the bucks.

The British Bulldog (Champion) Vs Ken Shamrock (Challenger) (European Title Match)

: If The Bulldog loses, he must eat a whole can of dog food.
: Shamrock spits blood when Bulldog lays him out with a clothesline.
: Bulldog slops a handful of dog food in Shamrock's face. Shamrock goes nuts, smacking Davey Boy in the head with the can.
: Though he is disqualified, Shamrock chokes Bulldog in the middle of the ring until he passes out then he attacks security officials and refs.
: The fans cheer wildly (What's up wit dat?).
: The commentators say that penalties will be leveled against Shamrock for his behavior.
Winner: ...and still WWF European Champion...The British Bulldog at seven minutes and twenty-nine seconds.

D.O.A. Vs Los Boricuas

: D.O.A. are introduced as Crush, Chains, Skull and Eight-Ball.
: At four minutes, the N.O.D. push through the crowd to the ring.
: The crowd yells..Ahmed sucks! Ahmed sucks!
: Chains punks Ahmed. Ahmed Pearl River Plunges Chains on the concrete floor.
: Vega rolls Chains in for the pin.
: The typical N.O.D., D.O.A., Los Boricuas rumble occurs. (Yawn.)
Winners: Los Boricuas at nine minutes and eight seconds.

Owen Hart (Champion) Vs Steve Austin (Challenger) (Intercontinental Title Match)

: If Austin loses, he must kiss Hart's butt in front of everyone.
: The fans cheer for Austin.
: Owen chomps on Austin's middle fingers.
: Owen Tombstone Piledrives Austin. He then turns his back and argues with the crowd.
: In a clumsy-looking roll-up, Austin pins Hart.
: Screw Job City.
: Commentators say the piledriver injured Austin's neck and he had to be taken to the hospital.
Winner: ...and new WWF Intercontinental Champion...Stone Cold Steve Austin at sixteen minutes and sixteen seconds.

Bret The Hit Man Hart (Challenger) Vs The Undertaker (Champion) (WWF World Title Match)

Winner: ...and new WWF World Heavyweight Champion...Bret The Hit Man Hart at twenty-eight minutes and nineteen seconds.