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  Dec 30, 1999

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Garvins topple Rougeaus for belts

By GREG OLIVER -- SLAM! Wrestling

Perhaps the Rougeaus will learn from being the heels.

 Wednesday night in Montreal at L'Union Fait La Force IV, Jacques & Raymond Rougeau lost the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Tag Team Titles to Jimmy & Ronnie Garvin. On paper, a bit of a shocker.

 But for some reason, the hometown heroes used every tag team cheating tactic there is -- the phantom tag when the ref wasn't watching, knocking the opponent's hands from the ropes when he reached them in desperation. It was those old Fabulous Rougeau Brothers making a guest appearance.
Jimmy Garvin (left) with Paul LeDuc and Ronnie Garvin. (Photo by Greg Oliver)

 In the end, their cheating (which was, of course, was cheered) was all for naught. As Raymond and Ronnie battled at ringside, Jacques had Jimmy in a pin attempt with no referee, then in a Sharpshooter-type finisher. Ronnie came to his brother's rescue, hit Jacques with a foreign object and pushed Jimmy on top for the pinfall. Then they hightailed it from the building to avoid a riot.

 The Centre Pierre Charbonneau was almost full for the fourth big show, promoted by Jacques Rougeau Jr. It was rocking, and a very good time was had by all. No return date was announced, though Rougeau is considering a few more shows, perhaps outside of Montreal too.

 Here follows the match report, as composed by Luke Simons, a fellow Kitchener, Ontario escapee and now Montreal resident:

 Bull Dozer beat Black Stallion Eric Mastrocola
 The Stallion came out snorting flames for this first pro match for the first grad from Jacques Rougeau Jr.'s wrestling school, but experience proved his better as the Dozer lured the Stallion into one amateur move, a missed superfly that proved fatal.

  Nelson 'Le Trappeur' Veilleux & Ziggy beat Sunny War Cloud & Lionel Robert
 Robert and War Cloud had a tough time in this match. Roberts got the worst and had a tough time tagging out, and when he finally did, the Cloud had a lot of catching up to do. The thundercloud quickly ran out of storm, and things ended there, but not before a fine display of the Ziggy's (Zizi--as the Quebecois call him) full moon, granted by a down and nearly out Robert.

  Amanda Storm beat Precious Lucy
 That Lucy's not a real blonde (don't ask how I know), but that didn't get in the way of the fans' zeal for this hometown favourite. The "Storm" suffered a flurry of beatings from Precious Lucy, and an equally bad beating from the crowd, but she cold-cocked her way to victory after some unknown short guy [Editor's note: It was Little Broken, who has had problems with Lucy in the past.] brought out a sex-doll to distract our Precious with vulgarity.

  The Bushwhackers beat Les Prisonniers
 The Bushwhackers put this one away pretty quickly with an old style battering ram, and Les Prisonniers have gone back to their cell.

 Tito Santana beat Drago the Russian Powerhouse
 After a near choke out, Tito escapes and comes back with a shoulder block from hell that sent that rowdy Russian down hard for a quick 1-2-3.

  Richard 'Le Manifique' Charland & Serge 'Le Kolossal' Dumont beat Le Giant Goliath (Kurrgan) & Earthquake John Tenta
 A little trouble in paradise caused trouble for the former WWFers in this one. They could not agree on how to finish off the Montrealers, so the Montrealers decided to finish it their way while the couple bickered like an old married duo. Further trouble ensued after the match, and the Earthquake trembled his partner out of consciousness. A troupe of backstagers came to save the comradery, but it was too late. An angry Goliath awoke and scared away all the little men and stomped out of the ring.

  King Kong Bundy beat Ron 'Doorman' Trottier
 Short and painful for the Doorman. His lady friend attempted to take away the Kong's attention from his sadistic attentions, and the big Ape nearly found himself a new bride, but Amanda Storm 'stormed' out to save her compatriot from those seductive French-Canadian wiles. Bundy returned his attention to finish the job and the American flag flew in triumph once again.

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