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  Feb 22, 1998

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Ahmed gets the boot

 Ahmed Johnson is gone from the WWF, and this reporter found it tough to find anyone who will miss him.

Rocky Maivia stepped out of his Rock character to speak on the issue.

"We weren't the best of friends as it was anyways. It was no secret," said the Intercontinental champ Maivia.

"I've worked with him a couple of times. I was hurt when I worked with him. I wound up going to the hospital. In Madison Square Gardens, I was throwing up blood. Not that it's his fault, just coincidentally, it would up being with him. He has hurt some guys in the past. But I wish him the best of luck."

The European champ Owen Hart shrugged when asked about Johnson and said "Obviously they let him go because they weren't happy with his workrate."

Johnson, whose real name is Tony Norris, had been with the WWF a couple of years, and had a very trying time. He always seemed to be injured and never really took off with the fans after his initial push.

The former NFLer had a tough go in interviews too, often messing up and flubbing lines.

Johnson held the Intercontinental Belt for a time after defeating Goldust. In June 1997, he joined former enemy Faarooq in the Nation of Domination and was booted out weeks later.

"Ahmed has had some problems confusing Ahmed Johnson and Tony Norris," WWF owner Vince McMahon said. "It's almost as though you were looking at my first report card. Does not play well with others. He was hurt an awful lot and he hurt other competitors, as well, unnecessarily."

One story circulating suggests Ahmed wouldn't job to Kurrgan, thus he was given the boot.

-- with files from the Ottawa Sun