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  Feb 27, 1999

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Seeing Undertaker's gift burn more than McMahon can bear

By MR. X -- Ottawa Sun
  PARTS UNKNOWN -- Mr. McMahon was reduced to tears as he lay on the floor beside a burning teddy bear on last week's RAW.

All this thanks to the devious Undertaker, who set fire to the bear, which obviously has deep meaning to the conniving McMahon.

So here's where this could be heading: Look for McMahon's daughter Stephanie to play a role.


Word is Steve Austin and his wife of eight years, Jeannie (his valet, Lady Blossom, while he was in WCW), have split ... Loved the Bart Gunn vs. Bob Holly hardcore match last week, with a watermelon, bananas and a sack of flour tossed around in between chair shots ... Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, the WWF proudly presents to you the former tag team champion of the world, the Road Dog Jesse James. Our favourite New Age Outlaw is scheduled to be back on the next RAW ... Public Enemy debuted on RAW ... Was there a backstage tussle between Sable and Luna Vachon last week?


It's not hard to dislike Hollywood Hogan. The latest Hogan scheme saw David Flair, wearing a mask, turn on his father Ric during last week's SuperBrawl and proclaim his allegiance to the nWo. On the same card, Rey Mysterio Jr. was forced to unmask after he and partner Konnan lost to Hall and Nash ... In a Tonight Show appearance, Goldberg said he'd put up $100,000 to face Stone Cold Steve Austin ... Some wrestling watchers are suggesting Hogan and Nash have their own conspiracy theory going, the idea being they destroy the WCW with their wacky booking practices. If that's the case, they're doing a good job of it ... Diamond Dallas Page will take a little vacation ... Rick Williams, the former Renegade, was found dead this week. Police say he took his own life.


Gov. Jesse Ventura spouted off on The Late Show Tuesday, explaining why he prefers Minneapolis to St. Paul: "Whoever designed St. Paul must have been drunk ... I think it was those Irish guys." Sounds like Jesse may still me feeling the side effects of a pile driver from his wrestling days.