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  Feb 8, 1999

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McMahon pins Austin at RAW

By JOHN POWELL -- SLAM! Wrestling

McMahon challenges Stone Cold Steve Austin. -- Stan Behal, SUN
 RAW is WAR was live in Toronto and in Canada on TSN, and SLAM! Wrestling is more than happy to run down the card for all of our international readers.
 The WWF is calling it the biggest RAW ever, and 40,000 fans turned out for the show at SkyDome -- a great number for wrestling in this town, but a far cry from the packed WrestleMania XI a few years back.
 However, if you are one of those people who doesn't like details of Raw revealed before it actually not read any further. You've been duly warned.

: Finkle brings out Jim Ross. Ross waves from the entrance way to the fans.

: Jason Sensation treats the crowd to immitations of The Corporation. His Vince McMahon impressions garners a negative reaction. His Chyna is a deadringer. Jerry Laweler interupts Jason saying "Thanks for your unique brand of entertainment. The real stars are here now. You can take a hike."

Raw Is War

: Footage airs of Austin and McMahon at the Royal Rumble and the resulting events on Raw between the two.

: Austin makes his way to the ring and grabs a beer from ringside. Austin gives Mankind his due and warns McMahon about what he's going to do to him in the cage. Austin guarentees McMahon he's going to beat his ass up and down every side of the cage, walk over Vince's carcass to the WrestleMania title shot and that there will be a lot of bloodshed in the cage...and it won't be his. Mankind comes out with a mike too. The fans cheer "Foley! Foley!". : Mankind says..."Did I hear you say the word bloodshed?". Mankind intends to be the last man standing against The Rock at the pay-per-view and acknowleeges that the Toronto fans wants to see someone get their ass kicked.

: The Corporation appears on the rampway along with Vince McMahon. The Rock threatens both Austin and Mankind. He predicts that he will regain the belt at the pay-per-view. The Rock calls Austin a "Stone Cold Jobberoni" and hands the mike over to McMahon.

: McMahon plays up his Royal Rumble win. McMahon is so confident that he will defeat Austin he guarantees not one Corporate member will interfere in the cage match on Sunday. McMahon warns his Corporation that if they do interfere he will fire them from their WWF duties. McMahon informs Austin that if he loses...the WWF will never be the same for Austin.

: McMahon announces that he will ref the match between Austin and Mankind tonight. The Corporation has a new theme rocking theme song appropriately titled...No Chance In Hell.

: Michael Cole and and Jerry Lawler remind everyone that the Mankind and Austin match will be a non-title bout.

1. Mark Henry Vs Jeff Jarrett

: Mark Henry is wearing a suit instead of wrestling gear.

: Owen Hart is with McMichael and Jarrett.

: D'Lo tells Henry he has someone for Henry introduces Ivory, their new valet. He tells Henry that Ivory will do anything he pleases.

: Ivory distracts Jarrett. D'Lo hits the sky high. Match is over in a flash. Ivory and McMichael get into a cat fight. The fans shout.."Let them fight!".

: Footage is shown of Val Venis and Ken Shamrock's sister fooling around in a SkyDome hotel room that faces into the Dome. It is a play on several indiscrete couples who've given SkyDome audiences a free show and been fined for it while staying in such a room.

: Footage of the Val Venis - Ken Shamrock feud airs.

: Val Venis and Shamrock's sister make an appearance. Venis flaunts his relationship with her in an interview. Shamrock Pearl Harbors Venis and beats on the refs who come to Venis' aid. Shamrock chases them around the ring while Raw is on commercial break. The crowd chants..."Shamrock sucks!".

: Venis is shown getting rub down from Shamrock's sis. Venis says Shamrock will pay.

2. Goldust vs Gillberg

: Goldust brings out a box of blue roses. What could it all mean?

: Curtain Call puts Gillberg out. BlueDust (the Blue Meanie) appears on the TitanTron distracting Goldust. Gillberg rolls up Goldust. The arena becomes dark. When the lights snap back on Goldust is covered in blue paint.

: WWF Official Earl Hebner declares that if a ref can't be found to officiate the Intercontinental match this Sunday, Ken Shamrock will forfeit the title.

: DX yacks next. Road Dog looks fine. Triple H says..."Chyna you want to be a man, You want to play in a man's world. Well, here's your chance. The only problem is you're playing without a bat. You can't even draw a walk because you're playing without any balls". X-Pac says his isn't afraid of Kane and that if Shane McMahon thinks he can kick his ass...don't sing it, bring it. Road Dog says he will stomp a mud hole in Al Snow. Billy Gunn is upset that he's not in a match at the pay-per-view. He removes his shirt and is wearing a ref's jersey underneath. Gunn has decided that it is he who will ref the Intercontinental match at INYH: Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

3. Mankind Vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

: The Corporate theme plays. McMahon is announced as the special guest ref for the next match.

: McMahon sneers at Austin.

: McMahon runs down the rules. Eye gouging, chairs and other assorted furniature are legal. Kicks to the groin would be appreciated. He calls Austin and Mankind "neanderthal animals". : Austin says McMahon is the one who is going to get his ass kicked. Mankind locks Socco on McMahon. The Corporate team interferes. Austin stuns The Rock. Austin and Mankind fight off the Team. Austin stuns Shamrock. Austin and Mankind kock Kane out the ring. No match takes place.

: McMahon, coughing and spitting after meeting up with Socco, says Austin will face every member of The Corporation tonight until someone is pinned.

4. The Godfather Vs Viscera

: Dennis Knight (Midian) does commentary. Midian extols the power of The Undertaker. The Lord Of Darkness is your savior. Let the darkness be your guide. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Viscera and Midian demolish The Godfather. Midian splashes The Godfather twice. Viscera's eyes go blank. It is mentioned that The Big Boss Man will face Median this Sunday at the pay-per-view.

: Shamrock and Venis brawl in the back. Gunn tries to separate the two. He is drawn into the battle.

5. X-Pac Vs Kane

: Chyna is with Kane.

: Does David and Goliath ring any bells?

: Chyna interferes slamming and stomping X-Pac. Chyna is going to give X-Pac the Pedigree but Triple H makes the save. Kane and Shane McMahon pulls Chyna to safety. Chyna is wearing a G-String - leather get-up.

6. Al Snow Vs Bob Holly

: Snow says Dog isn't the Crown Prince Of Hardcore, he is. He demands a hardcore match tonight and begs someone to accept the challenge. No one comes out. Snow has a hardcore match all on his own, spraying himself with a fire extinguisher, hitting himself with chairs and planks of wood and then Moonsaults a table in the ring. Al Snow rules, baby.

: Bob Holly comes down to take Snow to the back. Snow and Holly start beating the heck out of each other. Chairs and the barricade come into play. Officials separate them both.

: Droz beats on Michael Cole for calling him a "punk". Steve Blackman to the rescue!

7. Steve Blackman Vs The Rock

: Smack Down. The Corporate Elbow. Blackman is off to the showers.

: Austin is shown pacing in the back. McMahon is instructing The Corporation.

: The fans yell "You screwed Bret! You Screwed Bret!" to Dave Hebner as he heads to the ring.

: Boss Man, Test, Ken Shmrock, Kane and Chyna are led to the ring by Shane and Vince McMahon.

: Austin powerwalks to the ring.

: Austin and Shamrock faceoff pounding on each other. The other Corporate members remain outside. The fans continue shouting "You screwed Bret!" at Hebner. Austin stuns Shamrock but Test enters. Shamrock is disqualified because of Test's interference. Austin works on Test and Stuns him. Kane climbs in and Test is disqualified. Kane gets a two count after a pretty lame chokeslam. Austin stuns Kane. Chyna low-blows Austin. Kane is disqualified. Austin Stuns Chyna. BossMan, the last man in the gauntlet, steps in disqualifying Chyna. McMahon tosses the night stick to Bossman. Bossman pummels Austin with the night stick. The fans chant "You screwed Bret" at McMahon as he climbs up onto the apron. McMahon enters disqualifying Bossman.

: McMahon gets the pin. The Corporation holds Austin down as McMahon berates him and rubs the victory in.

Dark events after RAW goes off the air on TSN (which may or may not air on USA Network)

: When the cameras stopped rolling, The Rock hammers on Austin then tells The Corporation to back off. Austin fights back but he's too weakened by running the Corporate gauntlet. The Rock misses the Elbow. Austin Stuns him. Mankind makes the save against the other Corporation members.

: The lights go out in the arena and The Undertaker enters the ring. Taker chokeslams The Rock, Kane and The Boss Man. Austin, Mankind and The Undertaker are left standing in the ring alone. Austin taps Undertaker on the shoulder and offers him a beer. Austin, Mankind and The Undertaker share in a brew. Hell yeah. We're as confused as you are.

Austin sticks around and basks in the glory of the huge crowd.

The WWF returns to SkyDome on April 23rd. Tickets are on sale now.

Shotgun Saturday Night Matches

1. Joe E. Legend Vs Alva DeSilva

: The ring isn't miked very well. The blows and slams are muffled.

: Legend and DeSilva mess-up a crotch on the top rope. Fans voice their displeasure. DeSilva hits a Hurricanana from the top rope and rolls up Legend for the pin.

: The Shotgun announcing crew take their positions to Guns N' Roses' "Welcome To The Jungle".

2. Billy Gunn Vs Owen Hart

: Gunn gives his..."If you're not down with Mr. Ass.." speech.

: Debra McMichael and Jeff Jarrett accompany Owen to the ring.

: The crowd tells Debra to "Take it off". She smiles but refuses.

: Gunn hits the Rocker Dropper. Debra McMichaels stands on the ring apron and displays her wares. Gunn buries his head in her chest. Jarrett pulls Gunn outside then nails him with a guitar to the head. Jarrett rolls Gunn back in. Owen makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

3. The Hardy Boys Vs The Brood (Edge and Christian)

: Christian and Edge hit their version of The Dudley Boyz "3D" and gain the victory over The Hardy Boys.

4. Tiger Ali Singh Vs Median

: Singh calls the fans "ignorant" and "stupid" then says something in Indian.

: Tiger attacks Midian with his Indian flag before the bell sounds.

: Tiger rules the match. Midian poleaxes Tiger with a reverse DDT and gets the pinfall.

: The Ministry Of Darkness' news entrance music sounds like a re-working of Demolition's old theme song.

5. The Acolytes Vs Scott D'Amore and Larry Destiny

: Mega squash match. Acolytes wipe the canvass with D'Amore and Destiny.

6. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley Vs Droz

: Droz fights a spirited match but Triple H applies The Pedigree and Droz goes nighty-night.