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  Feb 9, 1999

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Mr. McMahon misses

By GLENN COLE -- Toronto Sun

  Mr. McMahon made a huge error in judgment.

He got Mankind and Stone Cold Steve Austin mad at him at the same time.

McMahon was the designated referee for what was supposed to be a Mankind-Austin bout to begin the second half of Raw is War last night at the SkyDome.

But what the 43,000 fans on hand for the pro wrestling event saw was McMahon and his corporate team get their collective butts kicked.

After McMahon had called Austin and Mankind "Neanderthal animals," Austin turned around and told the WWF owner-cum-wrestler that neither Mankind nor Austin was about to take a pounding.

It was then that Mankind shoved his old pal Mr. Socko -- a dirty white sock on his right hand -- into McMahon's gullet.

That, of course, brought the corporate team to attempt a rescue, but Austin and Mankind were more than ready.

Austin took care of both The Rock and Ken Shamrock with his patented Stone Cold stunner, while Mankind was busy disposing of Kane and the Big Boss Man, as well as Test.

The crowd roared as the altercation, which lasted just over three minutes, was easily the highlight of the night.

The corporate team had hoped Austin and Mankind would destroy each other and leave them battered and bruised for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre on Sunday in Memphis. Mankind is scheduled to defend his WWF championship against The Rock, while McMahon faces Austin in the steel cage match.

As a result of Austin's treachery, McMahon forced him to face five members of the Corporate Team -- including Chyna -- in the final event of the night.

Naturally, Austin lost with McMahon gaining credit for the pin after the Boss Man had used his nightstick on a helpless Austin.

But after the telecast signed off, Austin got his revenge as he combined with Mankind and the Undertaker to pound on the Corporate Team as McMahon high-tailed it back to the dressing rooms.