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  Jan 16, 1999

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Mankind lets The Rock know what's cookin'

By MR. X -- Ottawa Sun
  PARTS UNKNOWN -- Mankind's rockin' to a brand new beat.

But it's nothing near as rollicking as the beating he'd like to put on The Rock.

Mankind, the new WWF champ, went mouth-to-mouth with the old champ, The Rock, on Monday's RAW.

And it was superb microphone work, a series of verbal hand grenades tossed back and forth.

The end result was the announcement of a rematch at next Sunday's Royal Rumble, an "I Quit" bout for the championship belt.

AROUND THE WWF: The WWF hasn't lost its sense of humour, with the introduction of Dwayne Gill as Gillberg, a tongue-in-cheek parody of WCW star Goldberg. Gillberg, accompanied by members of the JOB Squad holding sparklers as their version of pyrotechnics and an obviously canned cheering section, was matched against Luna. Forget the 173-0 record. Gillberg is now 0-1, pinned by Luna. Look for the Gillberg routine to carry on for awhile ... The Undertaker returned with a gothic new set and gimmick. "He" is the evil leader of a new cult, sacrificing Dennis Knight last Monday. Knight was renamed Minion. A segment of the routine was wisely deemed too violent by TSN. Canadian viewers didn't see Undertaker carve a knife into Knight's mid-section with Knight sipping his own blood. Let's hope it isn't this graphic every week. The routine has promise if cheap stunts don't get carried away ... Another good bit from RAW was a mini-rumble, with members of the Corporate Team taking on D-Generation X. The winner of the rumble was promised the No. 30 slot in the Royal Rumble. Vince McMahon was a surprise entrant and looked like he might slide from No. 2 to 30 after knocking Big Boss Man and Hunter Hearst Helmsley over the top rope. But Chyna stormed to the ring, and with an assist from Stone Cold Steve Austin, emerged as the winner. Guess that means it won't be every man for himself in the Royal Rumble ... Jackie fell out of her top again at RAW ... Kane was on the verge of beating Mankind for the belt, but The Rock interfered. That sets up a main event of Kane vs. Rock on the next RAW. Also, look for Chyna vs. The Stooges.

WCW BITS: The main event for tomorrow night's Souled Out pay-per-view is Goldberg vs. Hall in a taser-on-a-pole match. Also scheduled are Ric Flair and his son David vs. Curt Hennig and Barry Windham; and Jerricho vs. Saturn (loser must wear a dress) ... The fact that WCW has The Giant's loss to Kevin Nash on Nitro seems to indicate he's heading for the WWF (as Titan?), perhaps as early as next month. Nash smacked The Giant into never-never-land with a wrench ... The end of the NBA lockout was horrible news for WCW, which had an NBC prime-time event scheduled for Feb. 14, to go head-to-head with a WWF pay-per-view. The WCW will have to show its event on its own TNT network.