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  Jan 21, 1999

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WWF has Super plans

By GREG OLIVER -- SLAM! Wrestling
  Let's get right to the important part of this year's Super Bowl -- the WWF commercial.

Though heaven knows if it will be available in Canada because of simulcasting, it still is a really big deal. It almost seems that the WWF wants to be taken seriously, or something.

The slogan will be "Get It?", and the 30-second commercial will run during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl XXXIII on Sunday, January 31. (For the record, SLAM! Wrestling's Powell & Oliver support the Falcons.)

The ad showcases Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sable, The Rock, Undertaker, Mankind and Vince McMahon, tackling misperceptions about the World Wrestling Federation. In a :30 spot, the "bad boys of television" conduct an over-the-top guided tour of the Stamford, Connecticut headquarters. The commercial will provide a knowing "wink" to the millions of viewers of WWF programming out there that do "Get It", and further give new viewers a taste of what they're missing.

In addition, the World Wrestling Federation will provide its own half-time spectacular on a special edition of Sunday Night Heat, titled "Half-Time Heat" on USA Networks. (No word yet on Canadian availability.) The WWF will air this special that will feature a never-before-seen WWF Championship Match. In addition, there will be a clock located on the screen counting down to the start of the 3rd quarter and the debut of the WWF Super Bowl commercial.

"The 'Get It?' Campaign is about how this unique sports-entertainment product has evolved to encompass contemporary themes that are as interesting as anything on TV -- or at the movies for that matter," stated Vince McMahon, chairman of the World Wrestling Federation in a press release. "We think we've created a spot that delivers on the elevated expectation of us so much so that to see it, you have to ask 'what was that' or 'did I see what I thought I just saw?.' The themes we touch on are as big as any in entertainment and that's the message we ask people to 'Get'."

-- with files from SportsTicker