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  Jan 2, 1999

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Expect the Rock to shock on WWF RAW

By MR. X -- Ottawa Sun
  PARTS UNKNOWN -- If you want to smell what the Rock is cookin', you'd better be sitting down and bolted to your chair for the WWF's RAW show Monday night.

One word describes the show, which was taped this past Tuesday.


Spies say the show is nothing short of superb, with a couple of the WWF's highlights of the past year.

The WWF knew it had to come up with a blockbuster, with the WCW scheduling a Goldberg-Kevin Nash rematch for Nitro.

AROUND THE WWF: The biggest news in the WWF is that Sable has completed her Playboy shoot. She's supposed to appear in April and has posed completely nude for a couple of shots. She has final say on what appears. With photos finished, she was back in the ring, ambushed by Luna Vachon ... Shawn Michaels was fired by Vince McMahon as commissioner last Monday. While it was sweet to see the Heartbreak Kid deliver some chin music to Mr. McMahon at the end of the show, the angle could have been played out better. And we haven't heard the last of this by a longshot. Stay tuned for another major development in this plot on RAW. You get the feeling McMahon will be left feeling more than a little stunned at the Royal Rumble ... Stone Cold Steve Austin was once again absent, but he'll be back this next Monday ... You've got to love George "The Animal" Steele fronting the Oddities ... The A&E Channel is scheduled to air an Andre the Giant special Jan. 13 ... The Undertaker is expected to be back with a bang, Aug. 11 ... WWF The Music, Volume 3 has hit the shelves and includes theme songs for the Undertaker, Edge, XPac, Dude Love, Kane, The Rock, Gangrel, Ken Shamrock, the Oddities, DX, Sable, the New Age Outlaws, Val Venis and Austin.

WCW BITS: The streak is over. Bill Goldberg, the WCW's one-man wrecking crew, has finally lost, now with a 173-1 record. Kevin Nash defeated Goldberg, with an assist from Scott Hall and a cattle prod, at last Sunday's Starrcade. Hall, disguised as a security guard, provided Goldberg with a shocking experience, to say the least. The card was lame, with Eric Bischoff actually defeating Ric Flair. But Nitro, on the other hand, was great. Flair took control of WCW for three months after defeating Bischoff in a rematch. It was an electrifying moment seeing Flair hugging everyone in sight, while Bischoff lay motionless on the floor ... WCW is expected to air a prime-time show Feb. 14 on NBC, going toe-to-toe with a WWF Valentine's Day Massacre pay-per-view ... Expect Hollywood Hogan to be back in business, taking some time off from his presidential run.