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  Jan 7, 1999

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Mosca needed in the political ring
But big Ang says too many 'low blows' there

By ANDREW DRESCHEL -- Hamilton Spectator
  If the good conservative folks in Minnesota are brave enough to elect former pro wrestler Jesse (The Body) Ventura as their governor, maybe it's time the good conservative voters of Hamilton also raised their eyes ringside when looking for their next mayor.

You know who I'm talking about.

Angelo (King Kong) Mosca.

Angelo (King Kong) Mosca The former grappler, Ticat defensive tackle, and television commercial pitchman.

The populist hero whose gravelly voice and hulking presence epitomizes this pockmarked city's image of itself.

The one man whose plain-speaking, no-holds barred style might provide us with the leadership we so desperately want and need.

The big guy who by sheer force of personality (and clever wrestling holds) could impose consensus on our regional partners, pin the parsimonious provincial government to the mat, and stiffen the spines of slouching aldermen with one baleful stare.

Mosca for Mayor.

You have to admit, it has a nice ring to it, particularly after last year's brutal political doings, which saw the city and region crushed by provincial downloading, property tax increases, the failure of the regional collaboration agreement, and now the interminable HSR strike.

Deliver us, big Ang.

Sort out the mess with a King Kong hip toss, body slam and headlock.

Make the naysayers tap out by squashing them with a flying head scissors or corkscrew plancha.

Alas, the next municipal election is two years away. And sadly, Mosca isn't interested in exchanging his old sweaty wrestling tights for a slippery political necktie.

There are too many low blows in the political arena, he said when I floated the idea by him.

"Politics is not a very clean business these days."

And besides, you get scrutinized way too much.

"They'd probably go back 40 years when I ran into a bar with a car or something. You know how it goes. Everybody's got skeletons in their closet and I'm not about to lift the skeletons out of mine."

Still, the 61-year-old Mosca admits the idea of entering political life has indeed crossed his mind a few times.

He says certain people, whom he prefers not to name, recently approached him to run for office.

But Mosca, who now lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake, is newly married. The timing is just not right and the inclination is just not there.

But that certainly doesn't mean his former gridiron and ring careers make him ill-suited for political life. After all, why shouldn't celebs or sports figures like Ventura take on politics?

"Who says they can't do the job?" Mosca demands. "They question their intelligence? Well, I've met a lot of politicians who aren't the brightest guys in the world, and they're not very good businessmen, either."

Mosca is convinced cities should be run by business people. The problem, he says, is the good ones don't want to be bothered with politics because politicians are always being -- that word again -- scrutinized.

Mosca (who currently is involved in some hush-hush dealings with a group of business people concerning a potential project in Hamilton) may not want to be the King Kong of Hamilton. But he thinks it's high time the city got a new top banana.

He loves this town and he wants to see it get moving again.

He says Mayor Bob Morrow has done a helluva job.

"But he's had his time. It's time to make a move because the city is stagnant."

OK, so big Ang doesn't want to be Hamilton's Jesse Ventura.

You know what that means. That leaves only one other candidate.

One other fearless, direct and honest soul who also epitomizes this city's sense of itself.

Yes, it's time to draft Don Cherry for mayor.

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