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  July 28, 1999

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McMahon lashes out at Hitman over conduct at Owen Hart's funeral

By MICHAEL PLATT -- Calgary Sun
  A scathing attack by WWF czar Vince McMahon over Bret "The Hitman" Hart's conduct at his brother's funeral has left the Calgary's wrestling family reeling.

Claiming Bret cared more about discussing his aborted World Wrestling Federation career than the death of his brother Owen Hart, McMahon said he was shocked by his former employee's behaviour at the funeral.

"I thought he wanted to talk about Owen -- he mentioned Owen in one sentence and the rest of it was about Bret," said the WWF chairman in a live interview on TSN yesterday.

"I couldn't believe what I was hearing -- I'd ruined his marriage, I'd ruined his career. All he wanted to talk about was himself, nothing to do with his brother.

"It was like looking in the eyes of a skeleton in some respects; it seemed like he wasn't human."

A stunned Hart consulted with lawyers immediately following the interview and they advised him not to respond to McMahon's allegations in public.

But a source close to the Hart family said Bret was surprised by the verbal attack and desperately wants to clear his name.

"The whole thing has been completely twisted around and at this point, Bret is more disappointed than angry," said the source. "I think he's shocked that this man can still behave like that even after his brother's death."

The Hart family has already launched a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the WWF in connection with Owen's death.

McMahon also defended his decision to go on with the show after Owen was killed in a nine-storey fall during a May 23 wrestling stunt in Kansas City.

"By continuing with the show, even in hindsight, there was no disrespect to anyone intended," he said. "It was something we did not think about-- no one thought about stopping the show."