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  July 2, 1999

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Rock provides fireworks at WWF show

By DON BRENNAN -- Ottawa Sun
  The Rock was cookin' -- and Ottawa ate it up -- as an estimated 7,000 wrestling fans passed up on fireworks to see the stars of the WWF at work in the Last Show of the Century at the Corel Centre last night.

The turnout was decent considering it was Canada Day, Stone Cold Steve Austin was not on the card and Sable no longer brightens the ring.

The crowd favourite last night was The Rock, who took the title match when The Undertaker was disqualified.

The Rock even provided something of an encore, singing his own special version of Heartbreak Hotel at the end of the match.

Canada defeated U.S. in the Flag on a Pole Match as The Brood quieted The Acolytes, who are from Dallas and were bragging before the bout about their Cowboys and Stars while taking shots at the Riders and Senators.

The Intercontinental title match, featuring the defending champ, Jeff Jarrett, versus Val Venis was won by Jarrett even though he was without his manager, the lovely Debra McMichaels. The fans were none too happy with the bout either.

The crowd was even more involved in a match between Kane and Bossman. Chants of "Bossman Sucks!" distracted the big guy to the point where he jumped from the ring, grabbed a microphone and asked: "Do you people want to see this big, red (idiot) kick my (butt),?" When the answer was a resounding YES, Bossman said: "Well you can all kiss my (butt) because it's not going to happen."

Kane ultimately won with a piledriver.