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  June 12, 1999

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McMahon no Greater Power

By MR. X -- Ottawa Sun
  PARTS UNKNOWN -- Okay, so the Greater Power turned out to be not so great. In fact, the WWF is being slammed in many circles for having the gall to introduce Vince McMahon as the Greater Power in charge of the evil Corporate Ministry. We wanted it to be a face from the past -- a Brother Love, a Jake Roberts, anyone, just not Vince or Shane.

 But for all the disappointment that went along with that, the introduction of Stone Cold Steve Austin as the WWF's new CEO by the mother-daughter team of Linda and Stephanie McMahon is a great storyline.

 The next WWF show in Ottawa is July 1, 7:30 p.m. at the Corel Centre. The Rock meets The Undertaker in the main event. Also scheduled is Big Show vs. Bossman; Brood vs. Acolytes; Shamrock vs. Jeff Jarrett; Al Snow vs. Steve Blackman; D-Lo Brown, Hardcore Holly and Ivory vs. Meat, Jackie and Droz; Test vs. Godfather; Kane vs. Goldust; Val Venis vs. Midean; Too Much vs. Hardy Boyz. Austin will not be on hand.

 Rena Mero, or Sable as we know her, could wind up in the WCW, according to wrestling mouthpiece Mark Madden. He says WCW may be willing to pay her $1 million per year, perhaps to make her a valet for Hollywood Hogan. Sounds like a great idea, since she probably knows about as many wrestling moves as Hogan. Sable's $100-million lawsuit against the WWF has several allegations of sexual improprieties. She says she was asked to perform several inappropriate storylines, including a lesbian angle. She also says she was supposed to "accidently" have her top knocked off, revealing her breasts, on television. And she says the WWF's male wrestlers made peep holes so they could watch her change. The last straw may have been the night she found feces smeared on her clothes in her dressing room.

 Debra was the overwhelming fans' choice in a bikini contest against Nicole Bass on RAW last week ... In the main event, Undertaker was choke-slammed through the ring by The Big Show, who was swarmed by members of the Corporate Ministry ... Look for The Rock vs. The Undertaker as the main event at the King of the Ring. The best bout of the night might be Austin vs. Shane and Vince in a ladder match for 100% controlling interest in the company.

 Dennis Rodman has signed with WCW for at least five appearances this summer, beginning at the July 5 Nitro. Also in is rapper Master P. and tag team Public Enemy ... The Four Horsemen are finished, with Ric Flair turning on Chris Benoit ... There could be a bit of a power struggle in the WCW with Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash. It seems Nash wants to keep his title for quite a bit longer. Hogan wants Nash to lose the belt to Randy Savage. That way Hogan can win the belt back and begin another reign ... Tomorrow night's Great American Bash (8 p.m., pay-per-view) features Nash vs. Savage and Flair vs. Roddy Piper (for the WCW presidency)

 Terry Funk announced his retirement, perhaps for real this time, last week. He will be remembered as one of the sport's all-time great performers, leaving behind a long, long list of memorable matches.