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  June 4, 1999

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Sable sues WWF, claiming degradation

 BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) -- Pro wrestling champion Sable is suing the World Wrestling Federation for $110 million, complaining it wanted her to participate in a lesbian storyline, expose her breasts on TV and appear in sexually degrading photos.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court, charges that professional wrestling has become increasingly "obscene, titillating, vulgar and unsafe."

Known for her waist-length hair and scanty outfits, Sable, whose real name is Rena Mero, said the WWF stripped her of her championship belt by scripting her defeat in a televised "Monday Night Raw" match three weeks ago.

Her downfall, she claims, came after she repeatedly refused to have her gown torn off on national television, exposing her breasts.

"I am surprised by all of the actions," said Ed Kaufman, a senior vice president and general counsel for Stamford-based Titan Sports, the parent company of the WWF. He said Titan Sports has been in contact with Mrs. Mero's lawyer in an attempt to resolve the dispute.

During her nearly three years with the WWF, Mrs. Mero went from valet for her real-life wrestling husband, Marc Mero, to the WWF women's champion. She recently was featured on a Playboy cover and in a photo spread, and has been getting guest roles on television.

In an upcoming TV Guide cover story, she said there is a difference between posing for Playboy and exposing herself on television.

"In the middle of a wrestling arena where they're serving alcohol and there are screaming fans -- including children -- in the front row, I don't feel like that is the proper place to be exposed," she said. "Posing for Playboy for me was a classy and tasteful thing to do."

The lawsuit claims negligence, breach of contract, unfair trade practices and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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