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  June 5, 1999

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READER ALERT: For all the latest wrestling happenings, check out our News & Rumours section.

WWF's image taking a beating

By MR. X -- Ottawa Sun
  PARTS UNKNOWN -- The World Wrestling Federation has taken plenty of heat for its handling of Owen Hart's death.

WWF owner Vince McMahon's sincerity has been questioned; the Hart family was outraged that a clip of the funeral appeared on last Monday's RAW is WAR.

The WWF took three busloads of wrestlers and front-office personnel to Calgary for the funeral and cancelled a week's worth of shows.

Nothing can bring Owen back to life.

But the WWF is being painted with a negative brush when it actually tried to do something right.

AROUND THE WWF: So The Undertaker answers to a higher power? Who is it? The hooded figure appeared on RAW and revealed himself to Stone Cold Steve Austin. It may be awhile before we discover the identity of the mysterious figure. Some of the suggestions floating around include: Vince McMahon, his wife Linda or daughter Stephanie, Shawn Michaels, Ted DiBiase, The Ultimate Warrior and Papa Shango. Or how about Brother Love, Bruce Pritchard? We may not find out for awhile, but it likely won't be any of the above. This is a good angle. Let's hope the WWF doesn't blow it ... Jeff Jarrett is the new Intercontinental champ, defeating The Godfather ... The Acolytes won the tag team straps over Kane and X-Pac ... Mick Foley will be out for awhile, with knee surgery scheduled ... That videocam that followed D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry into the bathroom last week -- GDTV. Goldust and The Blue Meanie are behind it all. Scoops' website speculates Ivory may be the victim this week ... The WWF Attitude video game should be out within the next month.

WCW BITS: Diamond Dallas Page and Bam Bam Bigelow are the new tag team title holders, beating Saturn and Kanyon (who subbed for a beaten-up Raven). The ending of the match would seem to indicate that Kanyon will hook up with DDP and the Beast from the East as a threesome ... Kevin Nash got even for weeks of humiliation at the hands of Macho Man Randy Savage, using a hose from Louis Septic Services to pour a foul liquid through the sunroof of Savage's limo ... Ultimate fighter Tank Abbott is in the WCW.

ECW DEAL: Great news for wrestling fans in the frozen tundra (yeah, that means us). The Nashville Network has apparently agreed to a deal with Extreme Championship Wrestling which will see the ultra-violence coming to a TV screen near you each Friday beginning in September.