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  March 27, 1998

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Countdown to WrestleMania XIV

 Boston's Fleet Center is the battle ground. Titles will be won and lost. Long-standing grudges will be settled in and out of the squared circle. WrestleMania - the World Wrestling Federation's yearly sports-entertainment spectacular takes place this Sunday and as a preview to this weekend's event, SLAM! Wrestling takes a look at the wrestlers involved, the matches on the card and as a bonus we predict the winners and losers along with WWF Canada President, Carl DeMarco.

WWF World Title Match

Shawn Michaels (champion)

Best Move: Sweet Chin Music.
Fav Saying: I'm the show stopper! The main eventer! The icon!
Best Moment: Won World Title belt at WM 12.
Advantage: DX in his corner, mega endurance.
Disadvantage: Back injury, Austin's popularity.

Steve Austin (challenger)

Best Move: The Stunner, his quotes.
Fav saying: And that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!
Best Moment: Beat Owen for the I.C. belt.
Advantage: Relentless, popular, great mic skills.
Disadvantage: Neck injury, a loner.

SLAM! Predictions

  • Carl DeMarco (WWF Canada President): I have to go with the fan favorite Steve Austin but the odds are against him because of D-Generation X. It makes you wonder what Austin must be thinking going into this match with all these people against him?

  • Greg Oliver: In keeping with tradition, Tyson will 'accidentally' hit Michaels, and Austin will win the belt. That sets up Tyson vs. Michaels, where Michaels WILL lay down again.

  • John Powell: Austin. A no-brainer unless Vince pulls the rug out from under Austin as per their storyline. Tyson might surprise everyone as really being on Austin's side as his spy or plant in DX.

    WWF Intercontinental Title Match

    Ken Shamrock (challenger)

    Best Move: Ankle Lock Submission Hold.
    Fav Saying: I'm in the zone!
    Best Moment: Beat Bret "Hit Man" Hart.
    Advantage: Former Ultimate Fighting champ, Bret Hart trained him, martial arts.
    Disadvantage: Goes ballistic when angered.

    Rocky Maivia (champion)

    Best Move: The People's Elbow Drop.
    Fav saying: The Rock is your champion! The People's champion!
    Best Moment: Joining the Nation.
    Advantage: Youth, The Nation in his corner.
    Disadvantage: Ticked off Faarooq.

    SLAM! Predictions

  • Carl DeMarco (WWF Canada President): I am personally very interested in this match. I was the one who pushed for Shamrock to get into the WWF. We are very good friends and I thought he would be a good addition to the WWF. Rocky Maivia grew up in the wrestling business and Ken grew up in the streets fighting to survive every day. I have to admire Shamrock for taking his life and making something of himself. Not many people realize the rough life he has had. He is a survivor and a role model. He is so focused and wants that belt so bad it will give him the edge. If I ever walk down a dark alley, I'd want Ken by my side as this man has no fear.

  • Greg Oliver: The Rock. He's too wiley, and his time is still now.

  • John Powell: Shamrock. Rocky's troubles with Faarooq and The Nation will cost him the title.

    WWF Tag Team Title - Dumpster Match

    Terry Funk / Cactus Jack (challengers)

    Best Move: Braining people with chairs, tables.
    Fav Saying: Bang! Bang!
    Best Moment: Hung the Road Dog on RAW.
    Advantage: Veterans, high pain threshold, crazy.
    Disadvantage: Easily tricked.

    The New Age Outlaws (champions)

    Best Move: Dastardly sneaky.
    Fav saying: You'd better call somebody!
    Best Moment: Winning the WWF tag titles, the dumpster incident.
    Advantage: Sly as foxes, young and hungry.
    Disadvantage: Big egos, Road Dog's injury.

    SLAM! Predictions

  • Carl DeMarco (WWF Canada President): You can't help but to love the wild guys: Cactus and Terry Funk. Anything can happen in this match. Especially since this is a dumpster match. In a wild match like this Cactus and Funk are more suited for this type of combat than the Outlaws. These guys are nuts! How do you prepare against these guys when you don't know what to expect?

  • Greg Oliver: Outlaws. Well, they may not win, but they will keep the belts.

  • John Powell: Cactus and Funk. The hardcore legends will teach the young 'uns a thing or two.

    European Title Match

    Owen Hart (challenger)

    Best Move: Insuguri Kick.
    Fav Saying: I'm the best there there there ever will be!
    Best Moment: Has won all WWF belts but the World Title.
    Advantage: Agility, experience.
    Disadvantage: Ankle injury, his temper.

    Hunter Hearst-Helmsley (champion)

    Best Move: The Pedigree.
    Fav saying: Suck it!
    Best Moment: Winning King Of The Ring and Euro title.
    Advantage: Chyna in his corner, healthy.
    Disadvantage: Titanic ego may sink him.

    SLAM! Predictions

  • Carl DeMarco (WWF Canada President): My heart would say Owen Hart because he's my friend and I am close with his family. I think the ankle injury puts him at a disadvantage. You know Triple H and Chyna will go after Owen. I am very worried for Owen. This could be a carrer ending match. But Owen isn't a quitter. It's a trait that runs through the entire Hart family.

  • Greg Oliver: Owen. He's the only hope of giving this title any credibility.

  • John Powell: I don't believe Owen is a hundred per cent and will end up losing the match so he can reabilitate his ankle some more.

    Grudge Match


    Best Move: Tombstone Piledriver, fire balls.
    Fav Saying: Grrrrrrrrr!!
    Best Moment: Punking his "bro".
    Advantage: Unstoppable, Paul Bearer in his corner.
    Disadvantage: A pale immitation of his "brother".

    The Undertaker

    Best Move: Tombstone Piledriver.
    Fav saying: Rest in peace!
    Best Moment: Beat Hogan and Sycho Sid for the World title.
    Advantage: Older, wiser, impervious to pain.
    Disadvantage: Paul Bearer as a distraction.

    SLAM! Predictions

  • Carl DeMarco (WWF Canada President): I think it's going to be an electrifying match. I think the fans will get a CHARGE out of this one. I hate to see brothers fight, I've seen it happen in the past with the Hart family. I'd rather see them as one force but as long as Paul Bearer is around he won't let that happen. I think The Undertaker's experience will put him ahead.

  • John Powell: Match will end with no clear winner. Probably, a double DQ or count-out to continue the feud.

  • Greg Oliver: Ditto. Rematches to come.

    Under card matches

    MatchGreg Oliver John Powell
    Taka Michinoku (champion) Vs Aguila (challenger)
    (Lt. Heavyweight Title Match)
    Aguila. Taka Michinoku.
    Goldust / Luna Vs Sable / MeroSable and Mero. Sable and Mero.
    Tag Team Battle RoyalWho cares?. Road Warriors.

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