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  May 15, 1999

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WWF body slams NBA game

By MR. X -- Ottawa Sun
  PARTS UNKNOWN -- Read 'em and weep, World Championship Wrestling.

 Unopposed this past week thanks to an NBA game, the World Wrestling Federation's RAW is WAR cashed in big in the ratings war, drawing a phenomenal 8.1 rating for the two-hour program. It was more than four times the rating drawn by the basketball game.

 This came one night after the WCW's Slamboree, which saw a few twists and turns and a few yawns, too.

 RAW saw the family feud deepen between Vince McMahon and his son, Shane. The main event saw Papa McMahon team with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock against Shane, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and The Undertaker. Austin pinned Shane to gain the victory.

 MONSTER CARD: When the WWF checks into the Corel Centre for a matinee 1 p.m. card May 30, Stone Cold and The Big Show will team up to meet The Undertaker and Mideon in the main event. Other matches include The Rock against HHH, Kane vs. Bossman, Godfather vs. Goldust, The Brood vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart, Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly, Val Venis and Tory vs. D-Lo and Ivory, Christian vs. Brian Christopher and Road Dogg vs. Steve Blackman. Tickets range from $16-$35.
 AROUND THE WWF: RAW featured the return of commissioner Shawn Michaels ... Debra McMichael was crowned new women's champ by the commish after her evening-gown match with Sable. McMichael lost her evening gown and the match, but Michaels changed the rules so the one losing her clothes would get the title ... Nicole Bass was on hand and it seems no one wants to wrestle him (her) ... Vince McMahon will co-ref (with Shane) the Over the Edge match between Undertaker and Austin. Speaking of Austin, look for him on Regis and Kathie Lee next Friday. And he'll pop up on Oprah sometime next month ... Wouldn't Chris Jericho make a perfect leader for D-Generation X? ... Talk won't go away that ECW's Shane Douglas is on the way to the WWF.
 WCW BITS: Nash is the new champion, defeating Diamond Dallas Page ... Bret Hart made his return to the ring, interfering in the Goldberg vs. Sting match. Hart is likely to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Monday night to respond to a challenge by Goldberg ... Roddy Piper wrestled control of WCW away from Ric Flair ... Raven and Saturn won the tag-team belts from Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr. ... Rick Steiner won the TV title over Booker T. Look for a reunion of the Steiner brothers ... Eric Bischoff as a good guy? Please don't do it ... Flair's bodyguard is named Asya (real life, bodybuilder Christi Wolf). Think about it. Chyna. Asya ... Randy Savage's valet, Gorgeous George, pinned Flair's vice-president, Charles Robinson, with an elbow from the second rope.
 GOODBYE JOS: One of Quebec's legendary wrestlers, Jos Leduc, has died at the age of 55. Leduc, real name Michel Pigeon, teamed up with Paul Leduc to form a villainous tag team which terrorized wrestling rings around the world. Leduc is also known as the bald-headed, bearded man sitting on a teetertotter in an Oh Henry! chocolate bar TV commercial. "It's that big chunk of fudge," growled Leduc in the commercial.