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  May 1, 1999

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Stone Cold saves day

By MR.X -- Ottawa Sun
  PARTS UNKNOWN -- In the World Wrestling Federation's topsy-turvy storyline, Stone Cold Steve Austin may never have Vince McMahon over to his house for a friendly barbecue, but the two have formed an unlikely alliance.

 And who would have thought that Austin would have been welcomed into The Rock's Smackdown Hotel as a tag-team partner?

 After McMahon helped Austin beat The Rock, at Sunday's Backlash, it was Stone Cold's turn to repay the favour on RAW. With McMahon's daughter, Stephanie, about to be wed to the Undertaker, Austin came to her rescue after turning his back on a plea for help from Papa McMahon earlier in the evening.

 Then, on Thursday's Smackdown show, Austin teamed with The Rock to face Hunter Hearst Helmsley and the Undertaker after Shane McMahon announced his Corporation had joined forces with The Ministry. It was a superb ending with Vince McMahon taking a chair shot from Undertaker, who was then given a stunner by Austin. Shane McMahon slapped his unconscious father, but then wound up on the receiving end of a stunner.
 AROUND THE WWF: When last seen, Val Venis was heading for the hills, trying to hide from the ungodly sight of Nicole Bass chasing his towel-clad butt ... The split between Billy Gunn and Road Dogg is inevitable. Too bad, The Outlaws are personal favourites ... Look for a push for The Brood, who broke their silence. Gangrel was a little rusty on the microphone, but Edge was superb ... At Backlash, The Acolytes and Midian defeated The Brood; Al Snow won the hardcore title over Bob Holly; the Godfather beat Goldust; The Outlaws defeated Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett; Mankind beat the Big Show; HHH beat X-Pac; Undertaker beat Shamrock.
 WCW BITS: Sting was the WCW champion for an hour or so Monday, but then lost the title in a rock-solid four-way match with DDP, Goldberg and Nash ... Despite all the boneheaded things WCW does to ruin itself, the Ric Flair in the mental hospital routine is brilliant. The Nature Boy can still walk the aisle!
 RUDEDIES: Some sad news in the wrestling world: Richard Rood, or Rick Rude as we knew him, died last week at the age of 40. He was best known as one of only three men who ever pinned The Ultimate Warrior. No cause of death has been determined.