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  May 9, 1999

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Rougeau delivers in Montreal again

 Lutte International 2000 returned to Montreal's Centre Pierre Charbonneau on Friday, May 7, 1999 with L'union Fait la Force II.

  It was the second show by Jacques Rougeau Jr. and won't be the last. The show had a good turnout and the audience into the action. Local TV stations and the French newspapers were also there.

  Here is a run-down of the show:

  Program begins with a video homage to Joe Leduc. Some Olympic athletes, old wrestlers, and body builders are greeted in the ring. The Canadian Anthem is sung by an Elvis look-a-like in French.

  'Mister Dynasty' Carl Leduc vs. Sunny War Cloud. Sunny had his arm in a sling, could not wrestle, but regardless of that, heel Carl Leduc gave him a good beating anyway.

  Jacques Comtois vs. Shackles. Although Shackles is an inmate in a Camden N.J. prison, we see him on the big screen coming out of a Montreal police van, in shackles, Hannibal Lecter style. Very entertaining, Shackles wins by submission.

  Precious Lucie (Female 135 lbs) vs. Little Broken (Male, 105 lbs) w/ midget ref. Tiger Jackson. Break dancing, and some very good wrestling by Lucie. A Scott Hall style abdominal stretch by Broken followed by a fondling of the buttocks when ref wasn't looking. Big crotch grab retaliation later on. Very entertaining fight, not one sided at all. Lucie dominates, and wins by pinfall. Look for a Bio on Lucie on SLAM! In a couple of weeks.

  Ron 'The Doorman' Trottier vs. Eric Parenteau. Trottier comes out on a Harley, and the match is over in less that a minute. Trottier wins.

  Richard Charland vs. Drago (The Russian Powehouse 6'5, 295lbs). Veteran Charland is the winner, but Drago is a strong, fresh new star, on his way up.

  King Kong Bundy (6'5, 450lb2) vs. 2 Prisoners (750lbs combined weight). Handicapped match. The ring almost busted up twice when they power-slammed Bundy, the loud thump was also intense. Bundy, still in good form, wins.

  Jacques Rougeau & Raymond Rougeau w/ Jacques Sr. vs. Ronnie Garvin & Abdullah The Butcher. Biggest pop from the crowd, legends all over the ring. Garvin knows how to go, and wrestlers as a great heel. Raymond has good wrestling chemistry with Garvin. The turning point of this over 30 minute matchup, was when The Butcher takes out his blade. First laceration is done on the Butcher, then on Jacques 5 minutes later. There was blood everywhere, the fans holler for more. The cameras and I were all within splash rage. Great brawl, not the kind of thing you would see on TV -- much better. Table shots, chair shots, low blows, outside interference, and the crowd goes wild. You really have to see it to understand fully. The match ended with no winners, but there will be a 6 man tag to resolve this matter at the next show.