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  Nov 22, 1999

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Sun winners get down with Disco


Douglas Davies became a contender for "father of the year" when he told his kids he won the Toronto Sun/WCW Mayhem contest.

Douglas and his three kids lived out a wrestling fan's dream, winning four front row tickets to the pay-per-view event at the Air Canada Centre and the opportunity to meet WCW Cruiserweight champion Disco Inferno back stage at a meet and greet autograph session.

Disco Inferno puts a headlock on Sun contest winner Clyde (10) while brother Colby (6) and sister Felicia (11) look on. -- Vernonica Henri, Toronto Sun
Dad and the kids were excited about meeting a WCW superstar, growing increasingly impatient this past week as the event drew nearer.

"They've been fired up all week," laughed Davies. "This is a real big thing for them because it's their first live wrestling event."

Eleven year-old Felicia was especially excited about being able to take her front row seat home with her.

"I'm going to put it in my bedroom right next to my TV."

Ten year-old Clyde was impressed with the Nintendo WCW Mayhem cartridge they won.

"We all played it last night," said Clyde. "It's a fun game because you can design your wrestler however you want and you can use weapons."

Six year-old Colby, sporting a WCW Mayhem t-shirt his dad won as part of the contest, was excited about seeing his favorite star Goldberg.

Douglas is a Scarborough native and is a longtime pro wrestling fan, having grown up in Montreal.

"As a child I went to see the old Montreal wrestling promotion," recalled Davies. "I remember seeing Edouard Carpentier and all the French-Canadian stars."

Little Colby and Clyde seemed to be a little intimidated by all the attention and hoopla back stage.

"They're very nervous," admitted Douglas. "This is a new experience for them." Disco Inferno was excited about the event but wasn't all that crazy about being in Toronto.

"I'm a little upset because the Leafs beat my New York Rangers last night," joked Disco.

Douglas was one of over 1,000 who submitted a form for the contest. His prize package also included free pizza from Pizza Pizza for a year.

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Sun winners get down with Disco

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