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  Sep 15, 1999

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Blasts from the past on PPV

By GREG OLIVER -- SLAM! Wrestling

George "The Animal" Steele is back on PPV!
Got a hankering for the past? Miss the evil exploits of Sheik & Volkoff? Wonder what ever happened to Cowboy Bob Orton?

Well, mark Sunday, October 10th on your calendars. It's the Heroes Of Wrestling pay-per-view live from Casino Magic in Mississippi.

The website for the show is full of hyperbole for wrestlers who are, to put it charitably, somewhat past their primes.

"No longer will wrestling fans have to wonder who the greatest wrestlers of our generation are. On that day, fans all around the world will get to see their idols, their icons and their HEROES in action once again," boasts the site, at

Exaggeration aside, any fan who grew up in the 80s has to be at least a little curious to see how the stars of yesteryear are making out today.

Apparently signed for the event are:
George "The Animal" Steele 
Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart 
Jake "The Snake" Roberts 
King Kong Bundy 
Luke & Butch 
Sherri Martel 
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine 
Tully Blanchard 
Marty Jannetty 
Sweet Stan Lane 
Nikolai Volkoff 
Capt. Lou Albano 
Superfly Jimmy Snuka 
Cowboy Bob Orton 
Fantastic Tommy Rogers 
The Iron Sheik 
Fatu & Samu - The Samoan Swat Team
Gordon Solie 
Nick Bockwinkle 
Canadian fans should not be left in the dark either, as Viewers Choice in Canada has plans to show the event nationwide.

We'll have more on this show as we get closer to the event.