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  Sep 18, 1999

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Mr. McMahon a true champ

By GLENN COLE -- Toronto Sun
  Vince McMahon had to do something, so he made himself World Wrestling Federation champion.

Things had been getting a little dull around the WWF. The championship reign of Triple H wasn't going over all that well and there was a feeling of stagnation.

Now, with a week to go before the next WWF pay per view, all bets are off and if anybody says they know for sure who the next WWF champion will be, they are spitting in the wind.

Just in case you missed Smackdown on Thursday night, Triple H challenged McMahon with about 15 minutes remaining in the show, insulting the WWF owner and his wife Linda in a well-scripted attack. So, Vince defended the family honour -- and took a beating in doing so.

But Stone Cold Steve Austin came out to join the fray and presto, a Stunner or two later, Mr. McMahon is WWF champion in a whole new twist to the plot.

BISCHOFF GONE: With interest in the WCW at its lowest point, workers disgruntled and even Ted Turner unhappy, onetime wunderkind Eric Bischoff has paid the price.

The former AWA announcer who rose to prominence as the main man in World Championship Wrestling has had the reins snatched from his hands.

Bischoff, who had propelled WCW's Monday Nitro to an 83-week winning streak over McMahon's Raw, couldn't continue the trend and has watched WCW TV ratings slip along with the popularity of the company.

Bischoff spent lots of billionaire Ted's bucks and while the WCW enjoyed phenomenal success after Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were lured from the WWF, the act wore thin and the WCW lost its continuity. There were charges of disorganization and some nights Nitro became a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants show. Meanwhile, the WWF picked itself up and propelled itself back to No. 1.

Bill Busch, a long-time Turner Sports executive, will oversee the day-to-day operations of WCW.

HERE AND THERE: The Hardcore Wrestling Federation has a card tomorrow at 4 p.m. at Burty Bobs in St. Thomas. Among the matches are Gord Rease against Tommy Twilight in a chain match and Disastrous Danny Steele against Magnus Van Steele ... HWF also has shows in St. Catharines at Mind Bomb at 7 p.m. Friday night and in Toronto at 7 p.m. on Sept. 25 at The Opera House. The Honky Tonk Man will be featured on both cards ... Ric Flair was back on WCW TV this week. He is not expected to wrestle, but hopes to get involved in the creativity department ... Sid Vicious is the WCW's U.S. champion after beating Chris Benoit at Fall Brawl ... Rumours persist that ECW is about to lose Taz to the WWF ... Viewer's Choice Canada will show the ECW pay per view from Chicago tomorrow night and has an interesting pay-per-view Oct. 10 from Missouri which will feature several old-time favourites such as Greg (The Hammer) Valentine, George (The Animal) Steele, King Kong Bundy, Jake (The Snake) Roberts, The Bushwhackers, Nikolai Volkoff and Jim (The Anvil) Neidhardt among others. Sadly, Abdullah The Butcher is not listed on the card -- yet ... CTV Sportsnet has assigned WCW Thunder to a post-midnight slot on Thursdays instead of simulcasting in prime time with TBS.