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  Sep 27, 1999

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Ring n' Ears provides even better brutality

Bloody Bill Skullion, left, attacks Notorious T.I.D. in St. Catharines. - photos by Carl Lampman
By ADAM BURCHILL -- For SLAM! Wrestling

It was a normal fall weekend for most of the people here in Ontario. Some went up to their cottage to get away from it all, others hit the link for those last few rounds of golf.

Then, there were us tortured souls who traveled to a place where thumbtacks and barbed wire are considered toys. A place where a chairshot is considered a scientific hold, and where your athletic ability is judged purely on the amount of blood that pours from your head. Oh yes, Ring N' Ears had returned!

This time around the demented minds of Bad Blood and "Bloody" Bill Skullion hooked up with the London-based Hardcore Wrestling Federation to put on an entire weekend of bloodshed and music. The event was to climax with a four-corners of Pain Death Match in Toronto between Bloody Bill Skullion and IWA Mid-South's Mad Man Pondo. This however wouldn't be the case as Pondo no-showed claiming he was unable to get a car, thus having no way of making it up to Canada. Left with a dilemma, the promoters sat down and put together the re-match everyone wanted to see: Bloody Bill Skullion Vs. L'artiste in a four-corners of Pain Death Match to decide who really is the hardcore king of Ring n' Ears.

Also along for the ride was the "Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time", the Honkytonk Man. Dressed in a jumpsuit with guitar in hand, Honky shook, rattled, and rolled his way to two victories over the course of the weekend, leading the crowd in a sing along before both matches.

From the opening bell in St. Catharines to the main event in Toronto, Ring n' Ears 6 provided the most brutality this reporter has ever seen take place in one ring (well, the ringside area anyway). Every wrestler on the card gave their all and each and every fan went home in absolute awe of what they had witnessed.

Results of both nights matches are below, and check back later this week for interviews with both L'artiste and Bloody Bill as well as the Honkytonk Man.

Night One: The Mind Bomb in St. Catharines.

Match One
L'artiste vs. Danger Boy Derek Wylde
-lots of high flying
-Wylde attacked L'artiste before the bell
-They brawl a lot on the pavement
-Wylde supplied L'artiste through a patio table
-At one point they spill out on to the road
-Wylde hits a top rope huricanrana for the win
Rating 8/10

Match 2
Pitbull vs. Dangerous Danny Steel
-Steel beat on Pitbull with a chain
-Pitbull laid Steel out in the corner and hit him with a bowling ball in the crotch
-Outside the ring Pitbull k.o.'s Steel's partner Jack Damage with a insane shot with a steel pan
-Steel takes the win when he and Damage powerbomb Pitbull from the ring, through a table to the floor
Rating 8/10
Dangerous Danny Steel powerbombs The Pitbull through a table in St. Catharines.

Match 3
Jack Damage vs. Custom Made Man with Otto Bahn

-Custom challenges Damage to a scientific match
-Starts that way until Damage rolls to the outside
-Custom hits a splash from the top to the outside
-Back in the ring Otto puts a chair on damage's face, but as Custom was about to kick the chair, Damage moves and the chair takes out Otto, busting him open
-Match ends in a double D.Q. when friends of both sides storm the ring

Match 4
Guitar Vs. Guitar Match
Honkytonk Man vs. Tommy Twilight

-First person to break a guitar over their foe wins
-Big "Honky" chants during the match
-Twilight with the advantage most of the match
-Honky comes back beating on Twilight in the corner
-Honky throws powder in Twilight's eyes and then cracks him with the guitar for the win
Rating 7/10

Match 5
Tag Team Death Match

Steel Justice (Notorious T.I.D. and Magnus Von Steel) vs. Bloody Bill Skullion and L'artiste
-Skullion said he'd take on Steel justice by himself since Pondo didn't show
-L'artiste's music hits and he comes out wielding a barbed wire baseball bat; says that he'll replace Pondo
-All out war with tacks, Kendo sticks, chains, cheese grater, chairs, barbed wire baseball bats and more
-T.I.D. cracks Skullion in the face with a kendo stick busting him open
-Magnus powerbombs L'artiste through the merch. table
-Steel Justice gets the win when L'artiste accidentally hits Skullion with the barbed wire bat
-Skullion then challenged L'artiste to the death match in Toronto
Rating 10/10

Night Two: Opera House, Toronto

Match one:
3 Way Ladder Match
Dangerboy Derek Wylde vs. Tyson Dukes vs. Gord Rease

-Wylde stole the show with his performance in this match
-Wylde hit a top rope moonsault to the outside on Tyson
-Tons of great spots with the ladder
-Wylde misses a top rope leg drop and ends up landing on the ladder
-Wylde hit a huricanrana on Tyson then grabbed the belt for the win
Rating 10/10 --Amazing!

Match 2
Ebony Express (Reggie Marley and J.Q. Publik) vs. Otto Bahn and Custom Made Man

-Really good tag match
-Ebony Express make a great team
-Custom hits 3 rolling suplexes then turns it into a stomach buster
-Reggie Marlie grabs a Bob Marlie plaque and nails Custom with it
-Sexy Baby Jamie Jackson interferes and helps Custom destroy the Ebony Express
-Custom hits two 5 star frog splashes on Marley
-match ends in a no decision
Rating 8/10

The Pitbull bleeds some more in Toronto.
Match 3
Steel Justice Vs Too Sweet (Jack Damage and Danny Steel) vs. Pitbull and the Anarchist

-Crazy brawl
-Mucho weapons used by the teams
-Magnus nailed pitbull with a chain and busted him up very, very badly
-The blood was literally pouring out of Pitbull's head
-Pitbull shattered a tray table over T.I.D.'s head
-Pitbull continues to bleed
-T.I.D. dares Pitbull to smash him in the face with a cookie sheet
-Pitbull nails T.I.D a few times with the cookie sheet and but he wont go down
-Pitbull bleeds some more
-So much going on I didn't catch the ending, but after the match Steel Justice attack the Anarchist
Rating 9.5 /10

Match 6
Honky Tonk Man vs. Custom Made Man

-Stunning Sean says that Honky has to face Custom Made Man before he can even think about getting a title shot
-Custom starts with the advantage
-Otto Passes Custom a foreign object and he nails Honky with it
-Honky comes back for a bit but ends up getting beaten down
-Custom misses a frog splash
-Honky throws powder in Custom's eyes and nails the shake, rattle, and role for the win
Rating 7.5/10

Match 7
World Title Match
Stunning Sean vs. Tommy Twilight

-Tommy hits a sweet guillotine leg drop
-Tommy sets up a chair in the corner and whips Sean into it
-Sean grabs the advantage
-Hooks Tommy in the tree of woe, puts the chair on his face then does a baseball slide into the chair
-Sean put the chair on Tommy then hit a frog splash on the chair
-Tommy, gets a surprise roll up for the win and the title
Rating 7.5/10

Really, how could we resist posting this one? Thanks to whomever you are!
Main Event
Four-Corners of Pain Death Match
L'artiste vs. Bloody Bill Skullion

-Absolute insano brawl
-Any weapon u can think of is in the ring
-Skullion starts out by killing the ref. with powerbombs but gets stopped by L'artiste and a hammer
-Skullion's head is busted open
-L'artiste hits a crazy somersault from the top to the outside and makes a sickening thud when he hit the ground
-Skullion drops L'artiste on the barbed wire bat that's in the ring
-Skullion then gets whipped into the barbed
-Skullion powerbombs L'artiste on to 20 set mousetraps!
-After killing each other with tacks, barbed wire, and any weapon you can think of, Skullion grabs a guitar and laces L'artiste with it (has to be seen to believe how hard he swings it)
-Skullion pins L'artiste with one foot for the win
Rating 9.5/10

Overall event rating 9.5/10 --The Best Ring n Ears yet.