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  March 18, 2016

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SLAM! Wrestling Canadian Hall of Fame: Velvet McIntyre

Velvet McIntyre vs Fabulous Moolah
  Given today's North American promotion of women's wrestling, it is hard to believe that Velvet McIntyre was a legitimate star in the 1980s, appearing on both WrestleMania II (seen here vs. Fabulous Moolah) and the 1987 Survivor Series.

 McIntyre exchanged the WWF Women's world title with the Fabulous Moolah in 1986 during a tour of Australia.

 She also held the WWF women's tag team title Desiree Peterson, beating Joyce Grable & Wendi Richter in 1983.

 Despite what we once had on these pages, she is not related at Moose Morowski.

 McIntyre was active on an infrequent basis around B.C. up until recently when she gave birth to twins.

March 26, 2003: Velvet's WrestleMania memories


 Well, most of the memories of Velvet MacIntyre I have are seeing her getting the tar beat out of her by The Fabulous Moolah. Hell, I even seen it live at a small but impressive house show back in the 80's. A good champ is only as good as the person he (or in this case, she) beats, and Ms. MacIntyre did a wonderful "job" pun intended...
  Spiro Agnew
  My most rewarding experiences watching Velvet wrestle was in Pittsburgh..was when you and Princess Victoria defeated Wendy Richter and Peggy Lee in April of 1984 and watching you and Desiree Peterson defeat Penny Mitchell and Peggy Paterson on 07 December 1984 .... I wish you yhe best in health and good graces....I hope your wrestling career will be long and healthy and the same for you on your private life.
  frank thomas hodnik.
  The first time I really saw Velvet wrestle was on the WWF Survivor Series 1987 tape. I didn't know what to expect from this match, but I loved it. I remember marking out for Velvet and The Jumping Bomb Angels. I thought it was such a great match and that they were so great and innovative. I think that the women wrestlers of the time helped pave the way for the luchadores we watch now. I haven't seen too much of Velvet's other stuff, but I will always enjoy that match.
  Jason Kreitzer
 What I remember and respected most about Velvet was her athleticism. (She was also one of the fitter, stronger looking women of the day.) No other North American women were doing the kind of aerial stunts she regularly performed. She seemed so talented, that she actually made it hard to believe that many of the women she went up against were *able* to beat her. It was hard to imagine that Velvet could have lost to someone like Moolah. Alas... that is pro wrestling. I don't think Velvet ever really got the recognition she deserved though. She was always one of my favorites from that era.
 Jazz Fan, Amazonia Minor
 My favorite memory of Velvet McIntire was a mixed tag team match with her partnered with Bulldog Bob Brown against Peggy Lee and Joe Cagle. Somehow Joe Cagel and Brown ended up in Velvet's corner and she popped Joe Cagel in the kisser. To Cagel's credit he oversold the hit and staggered backward and tagged out, and as the rules say Velvet had to enter and wrestle the women legally in the ring. Velvet proudly crawled throgh the ropes, posing mightily and gave a wicked smirk and wink at Cagle and then blew him a kiss. It was just a great moment in women's wrestling.
 Bob Dutkiewicz
 I never had a chance to see that much of women's wrestling but I do remember a tag team match between Velvet McIntyre/Princess Victoria vs. Wendy Richter/Faboulas Moolah. I knew McIntyre was a star but had never seen her wrestle. Anyway ,Victoria tagged out with Richter still in the ring. McIntyre entered & proceeded to get pounded into oblivion untill Richter saw fit to put her into a backbreaker that lasted forever before Mackintyre finally submitted.The length of time McIntyre withstood the backbreaker was amazing but what really impressed me the most was when the second fall began, with both Richter & McIntyre starting as the rules dictate, McIntyre managed to surprise Richter with a dazzling sunset flip & pinned Richter before the match was barely underway. Richter never knew what hit her untill she heard the bell & watched as the referee raised McIntyre' arm in victory with Velvet still rubbing her back from the hideous backbreaker that Richter,only minutes before, had subjected her to. It was one of the greatest comebacks in any wrestling match that I had ever seen.
 Brian Post
 Velvet was one of the true woman warriers of the ring. She could give a few lessons to the posers who masquerade as woman wrestlers today. Velvet knew her way around a wrestling ring, be it as a "good girl" vs Wendi Richter, or if you were lucky you saw her Japan tapes where she showed her "villinous" side. She could fly through the air and deliver a devastating dropkick, or knock her foe down with a forearm shiver. And don't mess with that flowing head of long red hair unless you wanted to see what a fiery redhead is capeable of. You might end up with a bare foot up your keester! So long live Velvet, the siren of the squared circle who really put the "women" into woman's wrestling.
 My fondest memories of Velvet ? Every match that I saw her in!
  Velvet McIntyre is and was one of the greatest women to ever grace a ring, and I agree, she DID NOT get the recoginition that she deserved. I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes with the script writers etc.... but the WWF and all other so called professional orginizations missed the boat by not having Velvet crowned the Womens Champion.
 Velvet, in my mind, embodied all that a woman should be, she has beauty, grace, athleticism, speed and was rugged enough to take any punishment that came her way and be able to turn the tables... I still feel as though she is the perfect model of a woman wrestler! I
  would have liked to meet Velvet in person just once, to express my feelings to her first hand and to tell her that she is and was appreciated by many, many fans!
 Velvet, good luck to you in the future, I know that you will be successful.... I miss your presence in the world of wrestling.....
 Take care, have fun and be safe......
 I only have one memory of Velvet McIntyre, was when she wrestled barefooted at Wrestlemania 2 in Chicago. The best one-footed dropkicks I ever seen.
 Greg Brostowicz, Pleasantville, NY
 Memories of Velvet McIntyre. Well, really I only saw her in one match, and that was WM2. To tell you the truth, as I was watching that match and even during the introduction, I kind of thought Velvet was cute. I also know the women can wrestle, and she got jobbed by Moolah and that ref. As we all saw, she did have one of her feet on that bottom rope. The barefoot image also helped memories. I liked the girl, and I would not mind seeing clips of her wrestling. She is a good wrestler.
 Derek M. Ellis
 I remember one time when Velvet McIntyre was wrestling at Madison Square Garden in 1986 (barefooted), I was curious about something. From her home country of Cork County, Ireland, did she ever play soccer?
 Greg Brostowicz, Pleasantville, NY
 I had the pleasure of watching Velvet on tv several times and even got to watch her live one time in Milwaukee WI.
  Velvet is the type of wrestler you need 2 sets of eyes to watch.The lady was fast. I wish I could have seen her live more than what I did.
 Velvet if you read this good luck with your twins and hope to see you wrestle again some time soon
 Fantastic wrestler and so much underrated.
 The only memory I have of Velvet is at Wrestlmania 2 when she wrestled Moolah bare footed
 John Mikels
  growing up, I found myself glued to the screen whenever Velvet wrestled. My favorite match was when she gave Sensational Sherri all she could handle one night in France. Although she ended up losing that match, you knew that Velvet wasn't in the ring to waste your time. She was there to out wrestle you. She was the total package of both speed and strength, with beauty as well. it was always my dream to be like her. I hear people always compare her to the likes of Ann Casey. If Miss Casey was half the professional Velvet was, then she was one gifted wrestler. I would like to wish the best of luck to Velvet and her new twins. She was by far and away the most influencial wrestler in my life, as I'm sure there are others that feel the same.
 shelly santiago
 I have to echo many of the sentiments that have been offered in regards to Velvet McIntyre.
  The first time I saw her in a match was the dubious Wrestlemania2 loss to the hands of Moolah. Unfortunately for Velvet, that has to remain the most embarrassing loss in the 15+ years of Wrestlemania history. The more and more I watch the tape of that match, I can't help but think something shady was going on that Velvet was totally unaware of.
  The thing that I loved about Velvet was her agility and aerial talents. Also, I don't think many women had the ability that she did to sell her opponent's holds and moves.
  She would make a match look so good that I felt like I was actually inside my television screen. Whether she was taking on Sherrie Martel, Moolah, Martin, Kai, Richter, or whoever it was, I knew the chance of her winning was pretty slim. But I won't ever forget being on the verge of tears after she would endure loss after loss, because it seemed like everytime she would lose a match in heartbreaking fashion; she could never put the finishing touches to a match and score a win.
  I've often said this about many wrestlers, and I feel it perfectly applies to Velvet: it wasn't a case of Velvet's opponents hurting Velvet and winning the match. It was more of a case of Velvet hurting herself by misfiring on a lot of high-risk moves (Wrestlemania 2, for example) that allowed her opponents to pick up the victory.
  Often times I feel as if Velvet was used by a lot of wrestling organizations in the wrong way. There's probably little doubt that Velvet lost more matches than she won. But I also feel there's little doubt that Velvet was the most talented woman wrestler to end up with a losing record.
  Velvet, if you read these, just let me say thanks for the many memories you gave me. I always felt women had no place in a wrestling ring. But after seeing you in that Wrestlemania2 match, those feelings changed immediately.
 I only remember seeing Velvet in one match. That was against Wendi Richter in 1983 in the AWA. She was awesome! This gal had the looks and the feel for wrestling. She was an Irish beauty that could kick the tar out of you. I would give anything to see her in matches against the Japanese girls.
  My memories of Velvet Mac go back to her television days in Vancouver, and then watching with pride when she made the WWF. But my greatest thrill about Velvet Mac was during my second event, while I was a manager out of the old WCCW (West Coast Championship Wrestling) was that Velvet was in the locker room, not to wrestle, just to keep in touch with the wrestlers. Listening to her stories, and getting advice from one that MADE it was something I will never forget.
  Dr. Smooth, Kamloops BC
 My memories of her were fine. Her battles with the Faboulus Moolah were excellent! i loved her wrestling barefoot! Thanks!