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  March 18, 2016

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SLAM! Wrestling Canadian Hall of Fame: Heatseeker Vance Nevada

5'11", 185 pounds
BORN: December 31, 1975 in Souris, Manitoba
PRO DEBUT: May 13, 1993 - Winnipeg (River City); Defeated El Diablo

Heatseeker Vance Nevada
Heatseeker Vance Nevada.

  After being trained by Ernest Rheault in River City Wrestling at the tender age of 17, Nevada had a rough go of it. He was a small fish in a big man's game.

Soon he hit his stride in tag matches with Robby Royce, and by 1994 The Wild Ones were successes in the Manitoba area.

Nevada decided to strike out on his own, and began a heated feud with Royce, which was played out over the airwaves of RCW's weekly TV program and culminated in a ladder match. After the match, Nevada was out of action for two month with injuries.

When he returned to action, he tagged with Bugsy Sluggliano as Models Inc. Their feud with Robby Royce and Andy Anderson even carried over into the Carolinas and Kentucky.

Next up for Nevada was the Canadian Junior Heavyweight title, which he has held six times between 1995 and 1998. He has feud with Spice Richards, Andy Anderson, Alex Rain, Todd Myers and many more over the belt.

A series of injuries forced him to retire in early 1999.

  • Oct. 21, 2004: Vance Nevada reflects on 10 years, 1000+ matches


      Vance owes his reputation as a true tough guy to one wrestler, and one wrestler only: ME !!!
      How that skinny weasel ever defeated me, a 245lb. veteran, 2 out of three matches ON TELEVISION NO LESS!!! I will never understand. To make matters worse he humiliated me publically at a River City Wrestling Super Card by winning a "Singapore Cane Match" and having his 400lb. buddy Jason the Terrible, flog my butt in front of all his adoring fans.
      But I must remind this youngster, so smug with his career stretching so promisingly before him, that the people you step over on your way up will be the same people you see on your way down in this business. And I assure you that "The Professor" has a loooooong memory!
      Dave Levinsky,
      Quietly biding my time,
     Nevada/Levinsky feud
     Some of the greatest matches in Manitoba history, with these two great high flyers!
      W. Stanton RCW Promoter