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  March 18, 2016

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SLAM! Wrestling Canadian Hall of Fame: Test

Test Memories

 My friend had backstage tickets to November's house show at the SkyDome and I asked him to get me autographs if he could. He ended up getting a paper for me signed by Edge, Val Venis, and a misterious third person known as "Test". My freiend, Joel, was not a big wrestling fan but said that he was frightned by Test and that he was supposed to wrestle on WWF soon. I thought he was making up "Test". Another friend of mine assumed it was Joel's father. It obviously wasn't a made up person so...Thanks Joel for the autograph!
  Adam Gonshor, Thornhill, Ontario
  When Test came out and helped The Rock win, I thought to myself that he is one powerful wrestler.
  I think that a good rivalry for Test would be for him and Triple H. Triple H is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world and it could give Test a huge push.
  Another good idea I think is that they could use him as some sort of bodyguard for the The Rock, or even better yet, they could use him as a bodyguard for The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels, because you know the history between Shawn Michaels and bodyguards. Also I noticed that Test wrestles just like Diesel, so they could give him basically the same personality.
  Way to go Test. I know that you are going to be a great wrestler and have a great future. I know that you will make all of Canada proud.
  Chris Muehleisen
  Oh man, was I happy to see that Test joined the WWF! I was watching Raw and the Rock was in wrestling and then members of the Team C. came out to lend a helping hand, and when I saw him I am guy is huge. He has tremendous talent and he will probably make it far in his career. He should stick with the WWF. Keep up the good work test and good luck in the future!
 Test continues to impress me w/ each performance. The guy is young, strong, fast and has learned his craft well, but most importantly, he's hungry. Being a part of the Corporate Team is only the beginning, this guy is gonna go all the way!
 Rohith Lasrado
  On Thursday, January 14, 1999 which was the day of the big snow storm in Toronto I went to the Gallagher Show with my brother and two friends. We went to see Test. It was so cool! I met him and got his autograph on a shirt and a sign that said "The Big Valbowski Fears Test." He wrote on the sign "To Michael The man With the Best Sign." I talked to him and he is the coolest guy with the biggest ego and I hope he succeeds in the WWF!!!
  Michael Dunsmore, Toronto, Ontario
  I saw Test in the mall once and he was a really big guy. He was nice though, but I think he should stop hanging with the coporation. He should go out on his own, and just kick everyone's ass. Someone suggested that he should copy Diesels plan, but I think he should follow GOLDBERG's. Just kick everyone's ass, and then they'll give you the title shot. If its against anyone but KANE, TEST will kick their ass.
  When I first saw Test I was like "He's huge" and I really think he shouldn't be in the corp they suck and a person like him should be in DX or something like that all i know is that all i know is he's gonna be sucessfull in the wwf .

  I actually went to high school with test at Anderson in Whitby. I was really surprised to find out he had become a wrestler. Anyway, go make Whitby proud, Test.
  I had the chance to meet Test when he wrestled in Regina, Sask., as T J Thunder. When he came out to the ring he had the crowd so going crazy. He really knew how to work the crowd. I said to myself this guy is going to get somewhere in life.
  When he made his first debut in WWF, I freaked out and called my buddies who wrestled in Hardcore/WildWest Wrestling and asked them if this new guy "TEST" was TJ Thunder, sure enough they said yes it was , I knew that tatoo looked familiar. Congratulations Test for making the big leagues!!! Like i said I knew you would get there.
  Your Saskatchewan Fan back in the Hardcore Days, Lisa
  My favorite memory of Test is when he made his debut as Test on RAW.
  I think Test test is really cool and that he is going to follow in Brets and Shawn's footsteps he is my new best wrestler and that he should leave the coorporation and start becoming more noticed.Test make your fans happy and "go for tha gold big guy"
  Alan Careswell
  One of my favorite Test memories when I was wrastlin him in a small side federation that was only for small bar wrastlin matches. Well at this point he was called TJ Thunder, and I remember he gave me a "big boot" and then he gave me a move he called the "Thunder Bolt" It was basically a power bomb. But u know TJ always tryin to make the crowd that more exciting so he went for another "Thunder Bolt" and sure enough he threw me down so hard I had to go to the hospital. But I remember good old TJ Thunder, came to say he was sorry to good old Chris the Crusher (me Johhny Richardson). He told me I wasn't going to be able to move my jaw for a while and might have trouble walking, sitting, or lying down. But I sez to the crowd like it and all TJ sez to me is "Hell Yah"
  I think that Test is one of the greatest athletes that WWF has. He's got everything from good looks to excelent fighting skills. And since HHH is in the Corporation him and Test deserves to be the tag teams champions because they are the 2 best wrestlers today and they should get what they deserve and that's the tag team titles put them together and no one can beat them.
  jenny   I remember seeing this huge guy walk out at the Motley Crue concert and throw some guy off the stage. And it was a very nice suprise to have this Man come to the WWF and become TEST. Andrew Martin is a great wrestler, but Vinnie Mac needs to put this guy in the spotlight more. His talent is wasting away. He will make a n excellent addition to DX.
  DeeAnna Lyn,
  I think Test is hot!!
  After watching "Test" for the past few months, he has become my new favorite wrestler. I WAS a dihard Kevin Nash fan, but no more. Test is younger, has more attitude, and just plan better looking. I feel he will be the next big superstar of the WWF. I felt no one could replace Shawn Micheals, but with some experience Test will be able to do the job. Keep up the good work.
  A "Test" fan in Roanoke, VA. TARA
  I'm from Sydney Australia and the WWF has become quite big down here. Personally, Test is my favourite WWF superstar. Out of all of those guys he's the nicest to look at, and he's always ready to kick some. Keep on punching Test and win yourself a deserve a gold belt!
  Your Aussie Fan, Emma
 I think that Test should join the Brood later on. They would make an awesome team.
  Melissa O'Brien
 I think that The Corporation has no right using Test as just an object to beat on. I think that Test is getting sick of Shane McMahon and his Corporation. Sooner or later I think that Test is going to break lose from the Corporate ways.
 Test is cute & hot & sexy!
 Test is a great athelete. I think that he has the potential and the quality to become a member of the Brood not DX. I don't like DX too much. First of all the Brood need someone to help them, because everytime they wrestle there's mostly interference which gets very annoying after a while. Test and the Brood would make a perfect team. They deserve more attention and power than the other WWF atheletes. Here's a cool idea I came up with for the Brood and Test. Test would have to look a little different though with the clothes he wears.
 Melissa O'Brien
 I think Test is a great wrestler. I started watching basically because of him. He was young, and he looked strong, and he impressed me. I think he's a very good-looking man, and I think he has the potential to make it far in the WWF, or wherever he goes. I agree with Melissa that Test would be a great addition to the Brood - the blonde hair all kind of mixes in, but I've heard he would join DX (or what's left), and that would probably be the best move of his career so far. He would earn TONS of fans. But, he's fine where he is - The Union.
 I think that Test is one of the hottest new superstars in the WWF, he has the potential to go a long way. WWF needs to get a clue and put him in the spotlight more. Joining DX or the Brood would be great for his popularity! Plus the female fans want to see him, he is sooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!
 Jenee- Northern Cali,
 I think Test is the cutest wrestler right now and i know no girl would disagree with me and I think it really rocks that he is in the Union because all my other faves are there and I hope they take down the Corporate Ministry
 I think that Test gets his props because he can fight and I he has a great future ahead of him
 My first exposure to Test came at last year's NWA 50th anniversary show, in the WWF dojo battle royal. A group of us in the crowd kept saying to each other, "Who's the guy in the Canadian t-shirt? He's really good...and gorgeous, too!" A few short months later, he made his official WWF debut and has been absolutely impressive ever since.
 I used to work at the same gym with Test (Andrew) in Oshawa. He was so unbelievably strong yet flexible, I had never met another guy the was that big and didn't let the WWF get to his head. I give him all my praise and wish him the best of luck. Hopefully I will talk to him again soon to hear how he has been doing. One more thing Test is the first professional wrestler that I have ever met, but not only myself but my 15 month old son who said Test for the first time when he was tossing him in that air. You go and fulfill your dreams and aspirations and the boys at Adonis will be cheering for you!!!!!!!
 Ryan & Trever,
 I remember the time he ask stephanie mcmahon to go out on a date. she accepted the offer. Blood is thicker than water and look at them now - they are about to be married.
 My best friend met Andrew about 4 months ago .She said he is the one of the nicest people she has met out of any wrestler she's met before . I like Test he is so hot and we just want to tell him we are so glad 4 u and Stephanie. I was supose to to meet him when she did but I was sick, I would to meet Jason Reso, Adam Copeland, and the man himself Andrew Martin. Well she was supose to go talk to him but her brother said she had fainted before she got to him . Andrew shes really hot over u . And so am i but my true love is CHRISTIAN HE IS SOOOO SSSSEEEEXXXXYYYYYYYYY. But good luck w/ Stephanie
 My favorite memory of Test is from Summerslam this year. When he was fighting Shane McMahon in the Love He or Leave Her match and he threw Shane into to arms of the Mean Street Posse and they all fell on the couch and it flipped over. I laughed so hard I was crying! The look on his face was priceless! What made it even funnier was that Stephanie was backstage laughing her head off! I am glad that Test and Stephanie are engaged and I cannot wait until the wedding! I just wish I had tickets.
 Tracy Lively, Maysville, GA, USA
 I Loved it on Monday Night Raw when Test proposed to Stephanie and on Thursday she said yes but unfortunately the marriage was canceled because Bulldog hit her with the trash can.But now she is better and they are to be wed on November 29,1999 on Monday Night Raw. I am very happy for them.
  Test is the only reason why I watch wrestling. I think he is very hot. He is so cool because he is canadian like me. He is a awsome wrestler. A lot people say he is like Kevin Nash, but in my eyes he isn't. He is Test a.k.a Andrew Martin!! My favorite memory of Test is Summer Slam 1999. In that Lover or Leave her Match Test vs. Shane. I think it was one of the best matches in the history of the WWF. It was funny when they were fighting in the crowd and Test grabbed some fan's beer and drank a little then threw it on Shane. That match was so funny. Test I wish you all the Best in your future in the WWF. "Honey I think you need some gold around that oh so gorgeous waist of yours!!" **I can't wait to see you get married to Stephanie on November 29th 1999 on RAW!! I have never met you but I would do anything to meet you!!
  Crazy Chick-Canada B.C.,
 I think Test is cute and sexy and I want to go out with him
 Melissa Hernandez,
 I think my favourite memory of Test is the Summerslam 99 match; he proved himself as a wrestler who was willing to take his lumps then. It made me respect him (AND Shane McMahon) as a wrestler, not just as a good looking rookie. It should be match of the year, or else hot in the running. :) I also loved the wedding, being the sappy romantic I am. :) He was given a great STORY (guys, it ain't real!) with Stephanie McMahon, and I'm just hoping his career doesn't fizzle now that he doesn't "have the girl" anymore. I predict an IC (or at least a European) title for Test by the end of 2000. Whether he's the hero of a romantic storyline, or just kicking butt in the ring, Test is so cool! AND he's a hometown boy! :) Gotta love it.
 Test is just paying his dues and waiting for his push. Test will win the gold one day and I can't wait till he does!

 My fave memory of Test was actually when him,Edge,And Christian were at the Toys R us In Hamilton,Ontario Canada. My little cousin's eyes lit up with joy to see one of her heroes sign his name on a simple piece of paper. It brought back memories of my own. Like when I fist got to meet HBK and Bret Hart when I was five.Both different times though, but to see her smile like that made my day better. And it has given her something to look forward to for the future. Because one of her dreams came true; she got to see Test in person.
 Rebekah K.
 Test. What test? I can ace this exam with one simple, clear phrase?
 WHAT A BIG, GLORIOUS HUNK OF YUM! YUM! YUM! Eye Candy Extraordinaire!!!
 And he's a fine athlete, too. Though Edge, Adam Copeland, is my favorite, I can't miss a chance to revert back to adolescence for just a moment to exclaim and proclaim that Mr. Andrew Martin is the most delightful, long, tall, drink of delicious in leather pants I have seen since I've been old enough to appreciate the beauty of a well-sculpted man. My husband knows these big WWF guys drive me crazy. But he's not jealous, since he knows my real-life devotion is for him, forever, and he is my 6'4" bundle of endless love and joy. But a girl can dream?
 Mrs. E.
 If he isn't already, Test is going to be THE biggest and hottest wreatler of all time!!!!! I truly admire his strength and determination. He is now my favorite wrestler, and I, no doubt, am his biggest fan! Even though things didn't work out with Stephanie, I hope he never gives up, because I will always be here in Ky. waiting for him! I know I will someday meet him, or at least see him. It is the biggest dream of mine.
 He is so great! and soooooo, sooooooo,sooooooo, sexxxxxxxy!!!!!!! I love you, Test!!!!!!
 Test's #1 fan in Ky.~~~ Viper~~~
 I have never met Andrew but I would love to, someday. Andrew is SOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOT and SOOOOOOOO SEXXXXXXXY. He is da bomb. My dream is to marry Andrew. At lease I wouldn't play him for a chump like Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley did.
 Jenny High WWF #316, TestGirl1@excite
 My favourite Test memory was the first time I saw him on TV. He is so awesome.

 I first saw Test as a member of the Union. He has been one of my favorites from the begining. I like him because, so far, he doesn't have any real cliques. He's with himself and whoever else that he thinks needs help. He stayes with the people that are true to him. He doesn't make alliances that will just last for a week or two. It also doesn't hurt that the man is the most handsome thing that has ever been on the WWF. He has a body to die for. I hope that he stays around for a long time.
 Kindy Plank, Texas
 I would just like to say congrats to Andrew. You are the most amazing athlete in the WWF today. I always knew Canadian blood was best. Good luck in the future (not like you need it). Keep being a hottie. Soooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 F: Niagara Falls native would kill to meet Andrew Martin
  My first Test moment was when I first saw him on RAW...I know I wanted to pass the TEST! I would take him anyday! He has amazing moves and he`s Canadian just like me! Andrew you're awesome! Good luck in your career and I`ll be watching you!
  Love, Chantal
 My friend was flipping through channels and spotted Test and she made me sit down and watch wrestling he was just so hot that ever since then we have been diehard wrestling fans and try not to miss one single match! I just hope that they hurry up and come out with more merchandise for Test.
 Oh yeah she is also so hung up on Christian she forced me to say that, I don't agree -- he's ok but he will never be Andrew!
 Test is one hell of a man!! I just wish they would of teamed him with a better tag team partner! Someone as sexy as him like HHH or Christian!
 Tripple D
 I remember when I first saw Test, It was on raw when he came out to help the rock, all I said was WOW, in the past year and a half the I have followed Test's (Andrew Martin) career I have learned more and more about who he really is and a lot about the character he portrays in the WWF. Being a Canadian myself I like to see more Canadian wrestlers that "improve" the WWF, I'm not saying that the other wrestlers are bad, because they're not, they are all exceptionally talented, but the "Sleeze" that has been incorporated into it has just gone through the roof, they need to bring wrestling back down to earth. Now that Test has teamed up with Prince Albert and Trish Stratus the team has gone out of this world and more popular !!! But I Fear that Trish is that only reason. To me T & A are a great team on their own, but if the WWF feels they need to glamorize T & A with adding trish thats fine but I'll never cheer for her only TEST!!!
 P.S. Test is a very handsome man
 I'm so glad Test didn't get married to Stephanie. He's better off with Albert and Trish Stratus. He's soooooo hot!!!!
 I think that the WWF dropped the ball when they didn't pair Test up with DX. The perfect opportunity was when Test was at the altar...he could have told Steph that he had two words for her..(you know the words)...and then stood her up at the altar! Joining DX! Then that could have lead to many different storylines. It could also have followed a "Nation of Domintation"-type gimmick, where Test would have taken over leadership of DX, and he and HHH would have a long-standing feud. But, you can't cry over spilled milk, the WWF continues to use Test as a jobber..and lets that little WORM Scotty 2Hotty do the WORM on him Raw after RAW!!!!!! Boo!!!!!
 p.s.--I also have this pretty cool idea that when Billy Gunn returns, they should pair him up with Test (getting rid of Hairyboy Albert) and calling them "Test & Ass--T&A"...sounds cool!
 The first time I heard of Test was from my friend Kristen. I used to watch wrestling a long time ago like when mankind used to rip his hair out etc. So any way I stopped watching it for years. Then my friend gave me a picture of him. (test) I started watching Raw and the one I saw first was the one where test and Stephanie got married. I was instantly stunned by him. Ever since then Test is my favorite wrestler to me and all my friends. We also signed a document saying he will be our favorite wrestler 4 eva.
 - Jackie G New York
 My favorite memory of Test is when he Won the Hardcore Title HE rocks and is the king of Elbow drops.
 I would say the best thing about Test is he dosen't give up so easy as most would. He has the will power to do anything his heart desires. I have the utmost faith that he would make a great WWF HeavyWeight Champion someday. He is very brave and strong with a big threat to make it in the WWF.
 With faith always in u Test
 Connie Haller
 My memory of Test is when I first saw him I was like WOW WHAT A HOTTIE!!!!!! Then when he got involved with Stephanie I tried not to miss a thing. Then when they didn't get married I cried for hours and hours. But I'm over it now and I also carry a pic of Test and Stephanie kissing and one of just Test in my wallet.
 I truly feel that Test is the most under-rated wrestler in the WWF right now. I feel that Vince is mis-using him badly simply because he isn't much of a talker on the mic. No disrespect intended towards Prince Albert here, but Test has got to take on a new role. I know he has potential to be a fan favorite. He may be my favorite in the WWF right now. Best memory of Test was when he joined the Union with Foley, Shamrock and Show.
 Derek M. Ellis
 I am a HUGE WWF fan.. and it is all because of TEST.. I watch WWF just to see him .. he is sooooo good, hot, friendly,smart.. I just love him..once I went to a house show in Toronto.. and I was holding a sign for Test .. it said 'marry me Test' .. when he came out.. he saw it.. and he waved with his hand telling me to ok lets get married!!..he was joking of course.. but that was really nice of him.. and I saw him once on the street.. and I couldn't do any thing but threw myself in his arms!! He is huge and hot.. I LOVE HIM.. I have a test website.. u can go and check it out cause it's like the coolest ever...
 Dalia Martin
 The first time I saw Test (Andrew Martin) is when my best friend Walter showed me him on wrestling. I watched wrestling when I was 8,when GOLDUST WAS THERE. Then my friend got me back into it and I loved Edge..........then I saw TEST. I loved him at first sight. I wish I could meet him soooo bad.
 P.S.Test I wish you good luck in your wrestling career. I hope you stay in wrestling forever. and go with Trish Stratus, I hope you marry her and have 10 children with her.
 I actually went to HS with Andrew, he was my hockey goalie for years. He is a great guy and I hope he does well. Too bad the WWF isn't using hiim properly. They should have him teamed with Steve Blackman and they would kick some ass.
 your friend, Chris Killoran,
  When I first saw Test. I fell in love. He looked so sexy. Now I only wish I could meet him so I could tell him how much I love him.
 Test is probably the most underrated, under appreciated wrestler in the WWF today. He constantly gets the ball dropped on him and his push cut down for no reason when he is getting fan support (remember that whole incident with Stratus?), I just hope this will not happen again. He's worked too hard to deserve anything less. Andrew Martin just also happens to be the sexiest wrestler in the WWF in my humble opinion as well-if only I could just hear that lovely voice of his (I like the accent, all right) on WWF TV more often.
  Sadly, the closest I've ever gotten to him is about five rows down from the ring at the lastest house show that came here (the WWF Superstars never seemed to like coming here, not to mention having autograph sessions...such is life) but maybe I'll have better luck next time they ever come around here. I don't care if he is Mick Foley's new whipping boy (Foley's just a little jealous...heh heh), I'll still be rooting for and drooling over him every time he appears on my screen.
 Cassandra James , Grand Rapids, MI
 P.S.-Why hasn't any of the Sun papers (especially the Toronto one) made him the Sunshine Boy yet? I think he's the only Canadian wrestler in the WWF-both male and female-with any sex appeal who hasn't been one. If there's anybody in the WWF who should be one, it's him...and the sooner, the better.
 I remember when I first saw Test he looked so cute and I fell in love with him
 I remember when I first saw Test. I didn't even like wrestling at the time, but my brother was watching it and I was there just sitting on the chair. Then I saw Test and that was when I fell in love with him and the WWF.
 My favorite memory of Test is by far when he defeated William Regal for the European Title in about a minute and a half!, on Jan. 22 2001.
 Jesse W

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