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  Dec. 11, 2001

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Book, website, school important to Missy
By JON WALDMAN -- SLAM! Wrestling

It might have taken a little extra time, but fans of former wrestling valet Missy Hyatt can finally read her autobiography.

Missy Hyatt from her early days in wrestling. -- courtesy "Missy Hyatt: First Lady of Professional Wrestling"
The book, entitled "Missy Hyatt: First Lady of Professional Wrestling", was originally supposed to be published by TV Books but ended up being published by Canadian company ECW Books. "TV Books went out of business a week before we went to go to press. They filed chapter 11," Hyatt told SLAM! Wrestling. her autobiography.

There was a fear that the book would not be published, but, as Hyatt explained, there were a couple factors working in favour of the book being eventually getting to press. "It [the book] was already completed. It was in printer's form, it was a week away from getting printed. Any company's going to want to buy a book that's already ready."

Hyatt also noted that the publicity surrounding the book sealed the deal. "There was already so much about it on the Internet, and there were so many pre-orders for it, that ECW books was in a bidding war with a couple other companies," she said.

In the book, Hyatt discusses her relationship with several wrestlers, including Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Tommy Rich, and Eddie Gilbert. While some may view the content as controversial, Hyatt is confident in her writing, and does not fear any backlash from wrestlers named in the book. "I told the truth," Hyatt said. "The truth will set you free."

Hyatt said that she could have said a lot more about some of the people in the book, but chose not to out of respect for them. "I spared a lot of people. I could have been a whole lot crueler," she explained. "A lot of people I held back on was because I respected them. I wouldn't do that to them."

Hyatt admitted that the stories are not complete. She wrote the book based on her own memory, and what she felt her audience would want to read about. "There's a lot of people that said, 'I know there's... a lot more story than that, she left out a lot of stuff,'" she said. "Most of the people I talk about in there is only because I remember them."

Among Hyatt's other current project is her adult-oriented website, Wrestling Vixxxens, a project she's been wanting to do for three years. The site came together with the help of Hyatt's business partner and lawyer, Sal, and her nephew, who developed the site. "We pulled something together that was a million dollar business. We pulled it together for thirty-six cents," she said, laughing.

Hyatt said the site has been a success for her, in part due to her company being able to do what the World Wrestling Federation cannot do with their 'Divas'. "I'm doing something Vince can't do," she said. "He can do 'Divas in Hedonism' all he wants -- they ain't getting naked, and sex is what sells on the Internet."

Missy Hyatt was Apocalypse Wrestling Federation champion in Toronto a few years ago. -- AWF photo
Hyatt has recruited all the talent for the site, which includes Tammy Lynn Sytch (Sunny in the WWF) and several independent female wrestlers.

She said that it has been difficult finding wrestlers to pose for the site, mainly because she is doing the recruiting through friends. She mentioned that she would like to use some of the talent that were formerly employed with World Championship Wrestling. "I have to find the girls," Hyatt said. "All those WCW girls are out of business, I just don't know how to get in touch with them."

Hyatt also notes that she approached Joanie Laurer (formerly Chyna in the WWF) a deal to pose for the site, but Laurer did not want to do it.

Hyatt has also gone back to school, and following her graduation from college in three weeks, she plans to attend law school next year. She said that she is really enjoying school, and does not want to leave. "I'll be one of those people with 12 degrees, my excuse for never getting a real job," she joked.

Because of her time constraints, Hyatt has not been involved directly in wrestling much over the last few years. Her last stint with a major federation was with Extreme Championship Wrestling in 2000, just prior to the federation being removed from TNN. She recently worked as colour commentator alongside fellow ECW alumnus Joel Gertner for the Big Japan pay-per-view, a role which she has wanted to take for quite some time.

Hyatt, however, said that she cannot foresee a full-time return to wrestling. "I'm graduating college in three weeks, I start law school next year, and with my company, I can't do it."

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