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  Feb. 28, 2001

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WWF releases The Kat, loses Lawler
Stacy Carter, aka The Kat
The Right To Censor must be getting to the powers that be at the World Wrestling Federation.

Stacy Carter, aka The Kat, was released yesterday by the WWF.

In protest, her husband, Jerry "The King" Lawler, also decided to leave the company.

The Kat had been involved in a storyline with the Right To Censor, demanding equal time for the right to nudity. At this past weekend's No Way Out pay-per-view, Lawler donned the tights once again to face Steven Richards, leader of RTC. Lawler lost the bout when The Kat mistakenly hits Lawler with the WWF Women's Title knocking him out. The Kat in a bag and carried her off.

Lawler's web site,, had the following statement:

"Stacy was released by the WWF this afternoon. In protest, Jerry Lawler has also parted ways with the WWF. The release came as a total surprise without any provocation whatsoever. As for the speculation that was reported on other websites, there wasn't any disagreement involving an angle.

Notes from the Webmaster - I talked to Jerry on the phone tonight. He informed me that they had a business meeting to discuss the angles and events that were to take place on Smackdown. They took a break around 2:00 and came back at 4:00 or so. When they came back, JR told Lawler that they had to release Stacy. King told JR and Vince that if Stacy goes, he goes also. There was absolutely no incident or provocation of any kind that lead up to this. Jerry and Stacy are trying to figure this one out as well."

Besides being the lead colour commentator for the WWF, Lawler was also a commentator on XFL broadcasts.

  -- SLAM! Wrestling

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